TNS Weekly Recap: 9/7-9/10/21

This week the team at The North Star covered the tragic passing of Michael K. Williams, an upcoming domestic terrorist rally and more!

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I hope you are doing well in what has been a short, but somber week. As we head into the weekend many people across the United States will be reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. Additionally, many of us are still deeply grieving the sudden passing of actor and activist, Michael K. Williams. There are some times where it seems like the world is asking us to shoulder too much pain at once. Most of us keep pushing because it’s our instinct to do so, but that does not mean that pain hurts any less.

This week the team at The North Star dove into some of the more pressing issues of this shortened Labor Day work week. My daughter Kendi wrote a heartwrenching op-ed that I encourage you to read on the passing of Michael K. Williams and the struggle of addiction that has claimed so many of our stars. Donney Rose covered the forthcoming “Justice for J6” rally planned by white supremacists seeking justice for the January 6th insurrectionists, and the irony of domestic terrorism being the greatest security threat to America on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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Minnesota State Patrol Violated and Abused Journalists' Rights Last Summer and are Now Attempting to Hide All Evidence by Donney Rose

The Minnesota chapter of the ACLU is suing the State Patrol on behalf of journalists who claimed they were assaulted by officers while covering the protests in Minneapolis. The ACLU initially filed suit against the Minnesota State Patrol on June 3, 2020, which at the time sought out a temporary restraining order against the department to prevent additional misconduct by law enforcement to be levied against members of the news media.

On Art & Addiction: Thoughts Surrounding the Tragic Death of Michael K. Williams by Kendi King

There’s a certain immortalization that comes with suicide other forms of death cannot imitate.

Perhaps it is a Western phenomenon, and even more specifically an American one. Our heroes always seem to end their own lives. We say our heroes are “gone too soon” because we never seem to have appreciated the life of our heroes when they still had one.

Hey America, Your Homegrown Terrorists Have Upcoming Plans You Might Wanna be Aware Of by Donney Rose

…America has always taken a selective amnesia approach to crimes against humanity and terrorism enacted by its own on its homeland. Slavery is always so long ago, conversations around the Japanese internment camps are often dismissed as a circumstance of war, the Oklahoma City bombing or the 16th Street church bombing, or the Centennial Olympic Park bombing are often characterized as horrendous moments carried out by mentally unstable individuals, and not the product of America as a hyper-violent white patriarchal culture.

Robert's Last Ride: On the Removal of the Lee Statue from the Confederate Capital by Donney Rose

History favors the narrator. Can contort into whatever lies a deceiver trots as truth. White supremacy is the lie that deceives & destroys American possibility. And there is no such “glass half full” logic when the half-filled glass is laced with cyanide and the empty side is emblematic of every ancestor stolen from you.

Minstrel Shows Still Exist and You See Them Every Single Day by Kendi King

Recently, the discourse around the appropriation of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) has grown immensely. While AAVE has often become ingrained in everyday slang, there is a difference between the casual use of popular terms and the rise of influencers who have begun putting on a so-called “blaccent” (Black accent) to gain popularity. This tends to look like suburban white internet influencers making TikToks or YouTube videos in an exaggerated blaccent in an attempt to be humorous, ignoring the fact that they are perpetuating stereotypes.

A Culture of Cover-Up: On the Hidden Brutality of the Louisiana State Police Department by Donney Rose

The 2019 fatal arrest of Ronald Greene unveiled the sinister culture of the LSP after the department initially reported that Greene’s death was the result of a car accident, but unearthed video and audio proved that Greene was savagely beaten by LSP officers and left for dead.

The AP report found that 67 percent of use-of-force instances by LSP were carried out on Black Louisianans. To put that figure into context, Black folks in Louisiana make up roughly 32.4 percent of the state’s population meaning that the state police has deployed twice the amount of violent use-of-force tactics on Black people than the number of Black people in the state.


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#InTheseTweets | 77th Edition

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