SHAUN KING: I’m for Free Speech AND the Banning of Trump and White Supremacists across Social Media. Here’s Why

“The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing.”

Those aren’t my words - although I agree with every single letter. Those are the words of Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney - a staunch conservative - and the third Republican in charge of the House.

She’s right. And anybody who is honest understands this. For nearly ten years Donald Trump has been building that racist mob across social media - all the way back to birtherism.

That mob elected him as President.

That mob got him the second most votes for any candidate in American history this past election cycle.

That mob ransacked Charlottesville and did it in his name.

That mob took over the Michigan State Capitol and had a plot to kidnap their governor.

And that mob damn sure just took over the United States Capitol - getting five people killed in the process. Two more people involved have since taken their own lives. Hundreds more will likely do serious jail time.

Social media has been at the center of all of it. Unchecked threats by the thousands spread like wildfire until they finally boiled over and undermined the most basic securities and systems of our country.

I’m all for free speech - even that of my political opponents, but at the point in which your speech is getting people killed, a line has been crossed. Period. And what’s clear to me is that Trump doesn’t care about that - at all.

Multiple reports have stated that he watched TV for hours on end, fascinated and even excited as his supporters took over the Capitol. He could have stopped it and them at any moment. Instead, he released a video telling them how much he loved them. He has never truly cared about white supremacist violence and the harm it does.

After a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was uncovered, Trump, instead of letting up on her, went harder. Once again using social media to make Gov. Whitmer feel even less safe than before.

This is his way.

Social media has not only been his superpower, it has been the way he has targeted, harassed and endangered people for years on end now.

It’s true - social media platforms have major power, but they also have the power to take it away. This is simply one of those cases where I feel like it was more than warranted.

And the nation is better for it

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