👀 Why I'm Starting a Fashion Company... Even Though I'm a Notoriously Terrible Dresser

On September 8th, I am launching "A Real One" - a brand new fashion company that focuses on empowering an entirely Black-owned supply chain from the seed to the bank

Last summer, at the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement, I decided I wanted to sell some t-shirts and hoodies that had a very particular message that I thought was missing from the moment we were living in. Instead of just using one of the well-known companies that make the products all for you, I decided that I wanted to do something that I thought was going to be super simple...

I wanted the t-shirts and hoodies to be from a Black owned company

And so I asked my Instagram followers to help me find Black owned t-shirt and hoodie companies. And they told me about dozens of BRILLIANT Black owned companies that are selling t-shirts and hoodies.

I spoke to each and every one of them and I had two simple questions that I thought were going to be easy to answer.

1. Did your company actually make these t-shirts and hoodies? Like, did you all sew and knit them yourselves?

99% of the companies said no. The t-shirts were normally imported from other places and were pre-made there. 

2. Did the fabric that you use for your t-shirts and hoodies come from Black-owned farms and Black owned sources and seeds and cotton?

99% of the companies also said no to this. Almost 100% of all t-shirts in America, and around the world for that matter, are imported from Asian and Latin American countries. I am talking about BILLIONS of shirts that are made per year. 

None of them come from African American cotton farms. Not a single one. 

Black owned cotton farms in America have been decimated. Barely any are even left - and the few that are don't currently produce enough cotton to mass produce clothing.

And so I started searching for Black owned cotton farms and fabric producers all over the world. I literally searched over 185 countries. It took me months. Like I always do, I became completely obsessed. I spoke to the leading fashion designers all over the world and they routinely told me something that broke my heart....

While Black people create the fashion trends of the world, we are almost completely left out of the actual production process from planting the seeds, to harvesting the crops, to sewing the products, and shipping them around the world. 

A simple t-shirt has about 9 stages of its life cycle. Black people are pretty much left out of the first 7, and are barely even included in the final 3. 

On September 8th I am launching a new fashion company that is going to completely change this.

And I want you to please consider joining me.

CLICK HERE to join our pre-launch and launch team. 

Nearly 5,000 of you have already joined our launch team. I'm glad to have you. 

I can't wait for you to see and experience what I've built with one of the most amazing teams in the world. Every single step of the life cycle of our products is different.

Black farmers. Black sewers. Black designers. Black printers. Black filmmakers. Black editors. Black musicians. Black web developers. Even our bank is Black owned.

When you purchase what we are about to release, you will be purchasing the Blackest t-shirts and hoodies ever produced in America. It took me about 18 months to get to this point, but my goal is to completely change the game. 

Also, our products are organic, fair-trade, and environmentally conscious.

Again, please CLICK HERE if you want to be a part of what we're building. 

We're 10 days away from launching. 

Love and appreciate you all.