TNS Weekly Recap: 10/18-10/22/21

This week the team at The North Star covered an ongoing student protest at Howard University, the unjust case of Angel Bumpass and more!

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Hope you are all doing really good this week. We are quickly approaching the end of 2021, as the holiday season is right around the corner and as usual, there’s so much going on in the world and in news. This week the team at The North Star wrote a few articles highlighting student advocacy through protests and academics. In addition to those pieces, contributing writer Branden Janese wrote an insightful piece about the case of a Black woman named Angel Bumpass who is serving a 60-year prison sentence for a murder that involved people she never met.

This week on The Breakdown I talked about the firing of a Black officer in Louisiana who spoke out against the brutality of his higher-ups, the inadequate job that Joe Biden has been doing and a range of other topics. I encourage you to listen wherever you listen to podcasts. As always, I am thankful for your support of The North Star and encourage those of you who are receiving this free newsletter and are not members, to please consider signing up to be a member today.

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Ahead of Howard University's Homecoming Students Continue Ongoing Protests by Donney Rose

Howard, which regularly ranks within the top three of HBCU rankings each year the list of best historically Black colleges is revealed, is no stranger to student advocacy in response to grievances its student [and staff] population has had with its administration. It can be surmised that a large reason for the university’s consistently high ranking is attributed to the demands of its student body on the university to provide an exceptional educational experience. With Homecoming 2021 on the horizon this week, several Howard students have firmly planted themselves outside of the Blackburn University Center, not with celebration on their minds, but with an ongoing call to action of the university to live up to its creed.

Good News Stories from Communities of Color: Students Win the Fight Against Racist School Curriculum by Kendi King

After the murder of George Floyd sparked a summer of Black Lives Matter protests, the students of Central York High School worked with the faculty to create a list of books, documentaries, and other resources to educate the community on issues of racism.

In the Early 20th Century, Newspapers Were a Driving Force in Fueling Racial Hatred. The "Printing Hate" Project Explores the Impact by Donney Rose

This past summer, a group of journalism students from the University of Maryland [UMD], Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College, Morgan State University and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University under the direction of the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism embarked on a project titled Printing Hate, with the intent of “digging deep into archives and interviewing descendants, experts and historians to document the power of white-owned newspapers to harm the Black community.”

Angel Bumpass's Face Wasn't "Soft Enough" to Avoid a 60-Year Prison Sentence by Branden Janese

Now it’s not fair or just to judge a jury’s decision. So I won’t. I understand that all a jury can do is return a fair verdict based on the evidence presented to them. However, I can write with complete confidence that what happened in the jury room that led to Angel’s conviction was based solely on her appearance.

Of Course, the Biden Administration is Taking its Time with Securing Voting Rights for Black Folks. by Donney Rose

Three bills have been put on the table by progressive Democrats in the current legislative session — the For the People Act, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act — all with the intent to mitigate the harm caused by Republican-controlled statehouses that implemented restrictive voting measures. The GOP is fully aware of the impact of the Black vote in the 2020 presidential election and in the Senate race, which is why practically every new voting restriction in conservative-led states has been targeted towards the voting patterns of Black voters. Attempts at de-legitimizing mail-in ballots and redistricting/early closing polling locations have a direct impact on Black voter participation. Black voting rights advocates have been demonstrating for months to get the current administration to take a more aggressive stance, and exercise executive order to get at least one of the voting rights bills on the books.


The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 519 - My biggest concern about jury selection for the men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery [October 18, 2021]

Jury selection is currently underway in the trial of the 3 men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery. I have several concerns, but one troubles me more than most. Today I’ll unpack that and also discuss the death of Colin Powell.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 520 - Here’s what happens when Black police speak out against injustice in their own departments [October 19, 2021]

Louisiana State Trooper Carl Cavalier, a young Black man, did the right thing and spoke out on the horrible police murder of Ronald Greene by his department. He called out their lies covering it up and called out their murder of an innocent, unarmed Black man. And now the Louisiana State Police have filed papers to fire this man - not for murder or a coverup, but for speaking up. It’s a damn shame and he needs our support.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 521 - I had low expectations for Joe Biden. Somehow, he’s failed to even meet those.

I saw something on social media this week that surprised and spooked me. And it should damn sure spook Joe Biden. Let me unpack and explain it.

The Breakdown with Shaun King: Ep. 522 - Police shot and killed this 8-year-old girl. And her family needs our support.

This past August, as she walked with her family from a high school football game, police in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania shot and killed 8-year-old Fanta Bility, shot her sister, and injured other bystanders and families. I spoke to the family this week. Let me unpack and explain what I know.

#InTheseTweets | 83rd Edition

“In These Tweets” is The North Star’s weekly cultural dive into trending topics on Twitter impacting our community, hosted by TNS Chief Content Editor, Donney Rose. This week, Donney looks at what Donald Trump's plans to sue to keep his presidential secrets hidden, the beginning of the trial for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune replacing one of a Confederate general.

We are outchea in these tweets!

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