Sitemap - 2019 - The North Star with Shaun King

Ep. 152 - Trump welcomes and celebrates a war criminal

Ep. 151 - Happy Holidays from Shaun

Ep. 150 - Chrystul Kizer and the crisis of sexual assault victims in the American justice system

Ep. 149 - What's next after impeachment?

Ep. 148 - Impeachment, Justice, Voting Rights :: A good news episode

Ep. 147 - Update on 11 year boy who was brutally assaulted by police

Ep. 146 - This officer should be arrested immediately

Military Investigating Cadets and Midshipmen Who Appear to Make "White Power" Hand Gesture on Live ESPN Army-Navy Pregame Show

Soccer is Plagued By Racism All Over the World, and Brazil Is No Exception

Watchdog Memo Finds Medical Care Received by Migrants in ICE Custody to be ‘Grossly Negligent’

Ep. 145 - What does it mean to be a modern day abolitionist? Part 2.

Immigration Rights Group Sues ICE to Restore Immigrant Hotline

Banking While Black: Former NFL Player and Bank Employee Expose Racism At JPMorgan

Ep. 144 - Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart

Jersey City shooting Suspect Linked to Black Hebrew Israelite movement

Congress Takes Aim at U.S. Coast Guard Saying it Failed Women and Minorities

Ep. 143 - What does it mean to be a modern day abolitionist? Part 1.

Democrats Call for Better Medical Care, Flu Vaccines Following One-Year Anniversary of the Deaths of Migrant Children

New Report Reveals Some Migrant Children Detained In Jail-Like 'Secure' Facilities

Ep. 142 - Big Announcement from Shaun

King: They Don't See Us At The Golden Globes, And Yes It Actually Does Matter

Why Knowing The History Behind ‘Well-Spoken’ And ‘Uppity’ Matters

Ep. 141 - White men dominate the Golden Globe nominations

Retired NYPD Officers Charge NYPD Commanders Encouraged Cops to Arrest People of Color In Affidavits

Ep. 140 - Bloomberg just told the single biggest lie of 2019

NBC, Which has Awful History Protecting Women of Color, Launches Investigation Into ‘America’s Got Talent’ Following Meeting With Ousted Judge Gabrielle Union

Ep. 139 - Taking a personal day

Trayvon Martin Family Lawyer: George Zimmerman's Lawsuit 'Another Failed Attempt to Defend the Indefensible'

White Politician Offered $50K for Video of Him Shouting at Hispanic Teen Tennis Players, Coach Claims

Ep. 138 - About Kamala Harris dropping out

Sorry Mr. President, Utah’s LDS Leaders, Governor Want More Refugees Not Fewer

Ep. 137 - Impeachment, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and Mayor Pete

Family of Black Man Fatally Shot by Officer at Alabama Mall Files Lawsuit Against City

Ep. 136 - What's next for Rodney Reed?

New Report Finds That 'Race Is Still Strongest Determinant' When It Comes to Access to Clean Water

Want to Help the Homeless over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend? Here’s How

Black Navy Veteran Missing For 3 Years Finally Found Dead in His Apartment

Sealed Evidence Kept Three Black Men Behind Bars for 36 Years

170 Transgender Women In Colorado Prisons File Lawsuit Claiming Violence and Sexual Harassment

One of R. Kelly's Live-In Girlfriends Accuses Singer of Abuse

Students’ Black Lives Matter Posters Were Thrown Out by California School, ACLU Says

Could Suggesting an Undocumented Immigrant Stay in the Country Put You in Jail? The Supreme Court Will Decide 

Ep. 135 - Just Checking In

Federal Judge Issues Injunction Halting Executions of Inmates on Federal Death Row

Ep. 134 - The new worst 48 hours of the Trump presidency

In a country as diverse as the U.S., why does predominantly white Iowa still lead primary season? Here Are Five Better Options

Over 300 Trans People Were Murdered This Past Year, New Report Finds

Georgia Teen Girl Arrested for Plotting ‘Detailed’ Attack on Black Church

Ep. 133 - Trump is going to be impeached

One in Ten NYC Students Are Homeless and They Are Overwhelmingly Children of Color

Syracuse University Investigates after White Supremacist Manifesto Allegedly AirDropped to Students In Latest Incident of Campus Hate Crime

Colin Kaepernick Wasn't Going to Kneel For The NFL, Nor Should He

Ep. 132 - No you weren't duped about Rodney Reed

New Investigation Finds Evidence of Discrimination by Long Island Real Estate Agents

Pete Buttigieg, Accused of Claiming False Endorsements from Black South Carolina Leaders, Continues to Struggle with Black Voter Support

Ep. 131 - Married to the Movement :: Sneak Peek

Members of Congress and Civil Rights Organizations Demand Stephen Miller Resign

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issues Rodney Reed a stay of Execution

Ep. 130 - New Action Steps for Rodney Reed

Deval Patrick Joins Crowded Democratic Presidential Race, But Will It Matter?

Ep. 129 - Colin Kaepernick, Deval Patrick, and 5 Days Left to Save Rodney Reed

Ep. 128 - 6 days left for us to #FreeRodneyReed

FBI Report Reveals Increase in Hate Crimes Against Hispanic and Transgender People in 2018

American-Born White Supremacist Living In Chile Remanded in Custody After Shooting at Protesters

Could Colin Kaepernick Be Returning to the NFL or Is New Workout Just a P.R. Stunt?

Florida-Based Plasma Company Turns Away Donor due to Identity

Ep. 127 - You can't execute a man for allegations

How the Supreme Court’s Ruling on DACA Could Upend The Lives Of Nearly 700,000 Young Immigrants

Ep. 126 - Chesa Boudin elected the new DA of San Francisco

Arrest of Churro Vendors in NYC Sparks More Questions About Over-Policing 

New Study Shows DACA has Benefited Young Immigrants’ Lives and the Country, but the Supreme Court Could Change That

We All Need to Remember Michael Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk” Past

Ep. 125 - 11 days until the execution of Rodney Reed

Rapper T.I.’s Comments on His Daughter’s Hymen Check Exposes Dangerous Myths and Misconceptions About Women

Brooklyn DA’s List of Cops with Suspect Credibility Exposes Ugly Culture of Lying 

Ep. 124 - Can you make these phone calls?

The Blue Wave in Suburbia Continues, But Will It Be Enough To Win The White House in 2020?

Literary Giant Ernest Gaines Dies Age 86

Ep. 123 - 13 days away from the scheduled execution of Rodney Reed

Study Finds Trump's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Negatively Impacting Latinx Peoples' Health

More Than 450 Oklahoma Inmates Released in Largest Single-Day Commutation in U.S. History

Democratic Senators Demand a Special Counsel Investigation on a Transgender Woman Who Died in ICE Custody

Las Vegas’ Sleeping Ban Bill Takes Aim at The Homeless

Ep. 122 - 14 days away from the scheduled execution of Rodney Reed

Ep. 121 -

Spelman College Becomes the First HBCU to Create Chair in Queer Studies

Georgia’s Latest Voter Registration Purge Digs Up Fears of Voter Suppression

Ep. 120 - We must ALL help to free Rodney Reed

Ep. 119 - When leaders go against the will of the people

More Than 100 New York Prison Reform Advocates Push To End Solitary Confinement

Black Doctor's Lawsuit Brings Alabama's Strict Abortion Ban to a Halt

Ep. 118 - BANG! BANG! BANG!

In hard times, John Witherspoon made us laugh so hard we forgot about them

Salvadorans With Temporary Protected Status Given One-Year Relief, But Advocates Say It’s Not Enough

California continues to use pseudo slave-labor to fight its wildfires

NYC Officials, Activists Outraged Over Cops Punching Teens During Subway Brawl

Ep. 117 - Prisoners Fighting California’s Wildfires

Ep. 116 - We need fewer police officers

Ep. 115 - What's the plan?

Amber Guyger's Lawyers File Paperwork For Potential Appeal

Phoenix Cop Who Threatened Black Family to be Fired

Woman Who Claimed to Have Personal Hygiene Product Removed by Officers Publicly Receives $205,000 Settlement

Airbnb Launches Investigation After Black British Woman Claims She Was Denied Booking

Whitney Houston and The Notorious B.I.G. Nominated for Rock Hall of Fame

“Antiracism is life”: An Interview with Ibram X. Kendi

Ep. 114 - WTF Zuck?

Violence Against Black Transgender Women in the US Continues to Grow

Ep. 113 - Bill MF'n Taylor

Gwen Ifill Memorialized with USPS Forever Stamp

Two white university students arrested after video showed them shouting racial slurs

Oprah Gifts Morehouse Student with New Phone After Viral Video

Trump Makes Outrageous Claim Comparing Impeachment to Lynching

NJ Teens Arrested for Alleged Racist Conduct at High School Football Game

Princeton Seminary Approves $27 Million in Reparations

Julián Castro Announces Fundraising Goal to Extend Presidential Bid

Chicago's Monuments to White Supremacy Must Fall

Ep. 112 - Donald Trump says he's being lynched

Shaq Donates Disability-Accessible Home to 12-Year-Old Paralyzed Boy

Michael Jordan Opens New Clinic in Charlotte, N.C. For Uninsured Patients

White DJ Accused of Trafficking and Sex Crimes Against Black Girls

Charting the History of Racial Violence in Chicago

Elijah Cummings' Widow Maya Rockeymoore May Run to Fill His Seat

Ep. 111 - The Watchmen

Shonda Rhimes Signs 3-Year Podcast Deal With iHeartMedia

Mother Convicted for Falsifying Son's Racial Identity on College Application

New Bulletproof Memorial to Emmett Till Replaces Vandalized Sign in Mississippi

Racism and the Misuse of History in Ohio

Ep. 110 - Texas Governor Wants to Ban Sitting in Public

Bulgarian Soccer Chief Resigns After Racist Fans Target Opponents

University of Connecticut Police Investigate Students’ Reported Use of Racial Slurs

Officer Refuses to Speak with Investigators about Atatiana Jefferson's Murder

Cuba Gooding Jr. Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations From At Least 14 Women

Racism and Xenophobia on the Rise on College Campuses

Ep. 109 - Impeachment & Passing of Elijah Cummings

Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies at 68

Judge Overturns VA Marriage Law That Required Couples to Disclose Race

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Launches New Hashtag Mobilizing Voters

White Student Spits on Black Visitor at African American History Museum in DC

Haitian Artists Demand President’s Resignation in Mass Protest

Ep. 108 - Murder of Atatiana Jefferson + 3 Historic Endorsements

Pennsylvania Teacher on Leave After Racist Tirade Recorded

Study Finds Suicide Attempts Among Black Children and Teens on the Rise

Senator Files Complaint Against Judge who Sentenced Man to 10 days in jail for Missing Jury Duty

Former Georgia Officer Cleared of Murder in Shooting Death of Unarmed Black Veteran

Man Sentenced to 99 Years For Kicking Police Officer

NYC Council Plan Guarantees Eye Care for Low Income Residents

Georgia Southern University Students Burn Latina Author's Book After She Discusses White Privilege

Report Reveals Officer Cover Up In Laquan McDonald Shooting

Simone Biles wins her 25th world championship medal

Queen Latifah and six others awarded Harvard’s W.E.B Du Bois Medal

Fort Worth Police Fatally Shot Black Woman in Her Home During 'Welfare Check'

Cory Booker Unveils Student-Athlete Compensation Plan

Breaking Down Barriers and Diversifying Schools in Britain

The Rise of "White Power": An Interview with Historian Kathleen Belew

Former Mercedes Worker Files Suit Against Dealership for Discrimination

Episode 107 - Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey Doesn’t Care About Black People

Ep. 107 - Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey Doesn’t Care About Black People

Two Black Girls Confront Justin Trudeau About Brownface Photos

Rihanna Turned Down 2019 Halftime Show to Support Colin Kaepernick

Black Housing in Chicago and the Racial Wealth Gap

Jessica Nabongo Becomes First Black Woman to Visit Every Country In The World

Ep. 106 - We’re In a Constitutional Crisis

Gucci Launches Scholarship Program to Promote Diversity

Oprah donates $13 million to Morehouse College

Episode 106 - We’re In a Constitutional Crisis

Montgomery Elects Its First Black Mayor

Bank of America Repays $4.2 Million in Discrimination Suit

Tyler Perry Celebrates Grand Opening of Atlanta Movie Studio

Episode 105 - Solving the Murder of Joshua Brown

Ep. 105 - Solving the Murder of Joshua Brown

Chicago PD Refuses to Release Wrongful Raid Footage

Simone Biles Showcases New Skills at World Championships

Real Estate Investors Exploit Communities of Color Through Tax Loophole

21-Year-Old Served 10 Days in Jail For Missing Jury Duty

Witness in Amber Guyger Trial Fatally Shot

Episode 104 - 30,000 Tiny Justice Systems

Ep. 104 - 30,000 Tiny Justice Systems

Tyler Perry Honored With Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Cynthia Erivo to Portray Aretha Franklin in First-Ever Authorized Series

UN Says Haiti's Unrest Disrupts Hospitals, Orphanages, and Schools

Baltimore Mayor Awards $3.3 Million in Grants for Neighborhood Revitalization

Illinois Auto Shop Fires Employees for Racist Snapchat Videos

Apple CEO Tim Cook Voices Support for Company's 400 DACA Employees

Tennessee Prison Guard Admits to Covering Camera During Assault

New Study Reveals the Impact of Racism on HBCU Finances

Episode 102 - Amber Guyger verdict and response

Ep. 103 - Just Checking In!

Black Students Excluded From Homecoming Video at UW-Madison

Jordan Peele Lands Major Deal with Universal Pictures

Senator Kamala Harris No Longer Leads in California Polls

Ep. 102 - Amber Guyger verdict and response

Federal Judge Rules Harvard Admissions Do Not Discriminate Against Asian Americans

Police Investigating Racist Graffiti and Vandalism at Mississippi Restaurant

Former Dallas Police Office Amber Guyger Sentenced to 10 Years

Hollywood Costume Designer Fired After Racist Rant at CVS

Charlottesville Newspaper Sued After Reporting on Local Family’s Ties to Slavery

Harvard Faculty Member Finds a Hateful Note on Office Door

Maryland School District Fights for Diversity and Inclusion

Cardi B Reveals Photographer Sexually Assaulted Her During Photo Shoot

Ep. 101 - They found her guilty!

Episode 101 - They found her guilty!

Protestors in Haiti Demand President’s Resignation as Violence Escalates

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Rallies With Immigrant Rights Groups Against Recent ICE Raids 

Gabrielle Union Bringing "Black Girl Magic" to NBC

Virginia Student Admits She Lied About Classmates Cutting Off Her Locs

Cory Booker Meets Fundraising Goal To Continue 2020 Presidential Bid

Cost of Employer-Provided Healthcare Passes $20K Per Year

Florida City Commissioner Confronts Deputy During Awards Ceremony

Wake Forest University Increases Security After Racist Emails

Ep. 100 - The case for impeachment

University of Oklahoma President Responds to Another Blackface Investigation

Episode 100 - The case for impeachment

Tennessee Nonprofit Hospital System Cancels Debt for 7,000 Patients

Pennsylvania Woman Wrongfully Arrested in Case of Mistaken Identity

NYC Public Advocate Proposes Mental Health Crisis Plan

New Jersey Teacher Under Review For Racist Facebook Comment about Missing Girl

Feds Will Not Pursue Charges Against Officers in Stephon Clark Case

Ep. 99 - Two urgent trials underway

Episode 99 - Two urgent trials underway

Justice Department Announces Emmett Till's Case Remains Open

Oregon Lawmaker Claims Daughter was Racially Profiled in Mall Parking Lot

Ep. 98 - Our phone calls are working

Episode 98 - Our phone calls are working

Indianapolis Cop Charged with Punching Teen in the Face

Student Charged With Hate Crime After Beating Up 10-Year-Old Black Girl

School District Investigates After Black Mannequin Dragged by Rope at Football Game

Protests Erupt in Rio de Janeiro Over Police Shooting of 8-Year-Old Girl

California Health Officials Warn Against Vaping After Recent Deaths

Jharrel Jerome Becomes the First Afro-Latino to Win Acting Emmy

Ep. 97 - How mass shootings are getting little kids arrested in schools

Motown Founder Berry Gordy Jr. Announces Retirement

Episode 97 - How mass shootings are getting little kids arrested in schools

NYC Residents Protest City's Plan to Level East River Park

NY Teacher Encourages Students to Caption Photos of Enslaved People with "Something Funny"

Billionaire Pays $34 Million to Settle Morehouse Student Loan Debt

FBI Arrests Army Soldier Who Discussed Plans to Bomb a Major News Network

Brazilian Activist Addresses Educational Inequality through 'Tinder of Books' Campaign

Two Black Women Violently Assaulted at Pittsburgh Gas Station

Former Dallas Police Officer Who Killed Botham Jean in His Apartment Faces Trial

Ep. 96 - 7-year-old arrested in San Antonio elementary school

Episode 96 - 7-year-old arrested in San Antonio elementary school

Congresswoman Proposes Act to Close the Pay Gap for Native American Women

Florida Officer Fired After Arresting Two Six-Year-Old Children

FBI Investigating Arson at Three El Paso Churches Serving Hispanics

Ep. 95 - 6-year-old arrested for tantrum at school

Episode 95 - 6-year-old arrested for tantrum at school

Trial Begins for NJ Police Chief Accused of Hate Crimes

Georgia Substitute Teacher Fired After Calling Black Students "Devils"

The Challenges Facing Charter Schools in the Deep South

H&M Responds to Controversy Over Ad Of Black Girl With 'Undone' Hair

Billy Porter Makes History with Emmy Win

Two White University of Arizona Students Arrested After Attacking Black Classmate

White Supremacy is Being Weaponized And Spread Abroad, New ADL Report Says

Martin Luther King III said former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be signed by a team of the NFL “overnight” if fans boycotted watching the league (Shutterstock).

Philadelphia PD Investigating White Officer For Allegedly Detaining Black Teen

Woman Who Paid R Kelly's Bail Wants Her Money Back

Beto O'Rourke Releases Marijuana Legalization Plan

NY Judge Resigns After Allegedly Captioning an Image of a Noose with 'MAGA'

Encouraging Safety and Responsibility for Baltimore’s Squeegee Kids

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of 2020 presidential race

Referee Who Made Wrestler Cut Locs Banned for Two Years

NC Sheriff Accused of Helping Plan the Murder of Deputy

South African President Apologizes to Nigeria After Anti-Immigrant Violence

Four Afro-Dominican Models Grace the September Cover of 'Vogue Mexico'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Wearing Brownface and Blackface

A New Monument in Tennessee Highlights Black Women in the Suffrage Movement

Issa Rae Developing Remake of 'Set It Off' Movie

Ep. 94 - 3 white kids beat a 12-year-old Black boy

Episode 94 - 3 white kids beat a 12-year-old Black boy

Police Called on Georgia Doctor Attempting to Open Bank Account

The Revolutionary Potential of Minority-Owned Media

Ava DuVernay's 'When They See Us' Wins Emmy for Casting

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Sell T-Shirts to Raise Money for LGBTQ Nonprofit

NFL Star Antonio Brown Faces Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

College Students Pledge to Forgo Jobs at Tech Company Working with ICE

Joe Biden Admits White People Can't "Fully Understand" Racism

Volunteer Helicopter Team Discovers Stranded Villagers in the Bahamas

Angelica Ross to Host Presidential Forum on LGBTQ Issues

Toronto Raptors Support Inclusion with Branded Hijabs

Virginia Marriage License Applicants No Longer Have to Disclose Race

Texas School Official Allegedly Said Young Boy Must Cut His Hair or Identify as a Girl

Somalian Woman Makes Her Mark in the Camel Trade

Black Panther's Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira Bring 'Americanah' to HBO Max

Judge Blocks Removal of Confederate Statue that Sparked Charlottesville Protest

UNC Elects First Native American Student Body President

St. Louis Mother Makes Free Meals for Dozens of Kids Daily

A New Commission Confronts the Nation's Painful History of Lynching

Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Apologizes for Wearing Controversial LAPD T-Shirt

Viola Davis Named Brand Ambassador for L'Oréal Paris

Congressional Black Caucus Recognizes the 400th Anniversary of African Arrival in US

Colorado State University Will Not Punish Students Who Wore Blackface

Jury awards $11.4 million to Black couple in racial discrimination case

Harding University Students Receive Scholarship in Honor of Botham Jean

Palm Beach County Schools Enrolling Students Displaced by Hurricane Dorian

Kamala Harris Offers Comprehensive Criminal Justice Plan

Activists in Brazil Demand Justice for Marielle Franco

Ep. 93 - 4 New Candidates to Flip the Senate

Falsely Convicted NY Man Exonerated After Prosecutors Drop 18-year-old Charge

Virginia Theological Seminary designates $1.7 million to pay reparations to descendants of slaves

Supreme Court To Hear Case on Racial Discrimination in Cable Television

Episode 93 - 4 New Candidates to Flip the Senate

Syracuse Names Scholarship for Kevin Richardson of the Central Park 5

Bernie Sanders' Criminal Justice Plan Promises Radical Change to Prison Industrial Complex

Michael Jordan Pledges $1 Million to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Chicago Youth Organization Criticized for Photos of Founder Cutting Teen's Locs

LSU Investigates Student's Alleged Use of Racial Slurs at Football Game

Ep. 92 - Why I’m Still Boycotting the NFL

Trump Demands "Proper Documentation" for Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

Spelman College Receives $2 Million Grant To Support Minority Women In STEM

Civil Rights Groups Sue Sacramento for Discrimination Against Black Disabled Students

Study Shows Rise in Southern Segregation Through Redrawn School Districts

Episode 92 - Why I’m Still Boycotting the NFL

Ending the War on Black Families

Three Couples Suing Virginia Over Race Questions on Marriage License

Ep. 91 - Have you made a decision?

Episode 91 - Have you made a decision?

Tyler Perry Uses His Private Jet for Humanitarian Aid in the Bahamas

Two Men Accuse Airline Worker of Racial Profiling after Newark Airport Evacuated

Bee Love Slater Is 18th Trans Woman Killed in 2019

Heather Heyer's Mother Files Wrongful Death Suit Against White Supremacist Who Killed Her Daughter

Faith Is at the Root of Black Struggle

Episode 90 - They made them get off of the ship

Ep. 90 - They made them get off of the ship

Young Black Professional Alleges Housing Discrimination in Brooklyn

Papa John’s Founder Gives $1M to Historically Black College

Maryland Police Officer Charged with Sexual Assault

HBCU Offers Displaced University of Bahamas Students a Free Semester

'Just Mercy' Trailer Teases Powerful Performances from Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx

Ben and Jerry’s Introduces Flavor to Raise Money for Criminal Justice Reform

ACLU Distributes Mailer in South Carolina Questioning Biden's Positions on Civil Rights

Illinois College Student Charged With Hate Crime For Placing Noose on Campus

Tracee Ellis Ross's New Hair Care Line Celebrates Natural Hair

PayPal Suspends Account Utilized By The Ku Klux Klan

How to Assist the Bahamas Recover from Hurricane Dorian

Episode 89 - The Murder Rule

Ep. 89 - The Murder Rule

Walmart Stops Selling Handgun Ammunition and Ends Open Carry at Stores

Vandals Deface Queens Beach Club with Racist and Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Knoxville Police Officer: I Was Shocked With a Taser and Choked Before I Shot a Man

'Memphis' Magazine Apologizes for Racist Caricature of Mayoral Candidate Tami Sawyer

Cory Booker unveils $3 trillion climate crisis plan

Ep. 88 - The Climate Crisis

Episode 88 - The Climate Crisis

Mississippi Wedding Venue Refuses Interracial Couple Based on 'Christian Belief'

Spike Lee Defends Nate Parker at Debut of Parker's New Film

Surveillance Video Shows Woman Giving Birth in a Jail Cell With No Assistance

Over 100,00 New Yorkers Will Have their Marijuana Convictions Sealed

Ep. 87 - Let’s change Jefferson’s Manual of House Rules

Episode 87 - Let’s change Jefferson’s Manual of House Rules

Rape and Murder of South African University Student Sparks Social Media Campaign

Environmental Racism in Colombia: An Interview with Activist Francia Márquez

Episode 86 -

Hurricane Dorian Devastates The Bahamas

Ep. 86 -

Toni Morrison Gave Us a Blueprint for Fighting White Supremacy

Chicago's New Gun Program Means Tougher Sentences for Armed Offenders

Employees of Color Say Old Navy Brought in White Staff for ‘Queer Eye’ Taping

Senator Kamala Harris Unveils Disability Plan Focusing on Accessibility

Some Children Born to US Troops Abroad No Longer Get Automatic Citizenship

Alabama Governor Apologizes for Wearing Blackface in College Skit

Suspect Could Face Hate Crime Charges for Racist Graffiti in North Texas

Trump Transfers FEMA Disaster Funds to Immigration Enforcement

Study Shows Black Students Less Likely to be Identified as Having Disabilities

University Apologizes for Ads Showing Black Student Wearing Crime-Scene Tape

Birmingham Mayor Pledges Free College Tuition at Alabama Schools

Arkansas Town Covers 'K-K-K' Facades on Three Historic Buildings

New Statue Honors African American Tennis Pioneer Althea Gibson

Report Shows Latinx People Vastly Underrepresented in Hollywood

Ep. 85 - All of Our Action Step Victories!

Episode 85 - All of Our Action Step Victories!

Joe Biden Says Racism In America is a White Man's Problem

Mattel Releases Rosa Parks and Sally Ride Dolls

Alabama Republicans Call for Ilhan Omar's Removal from Congress

Death Row Inmates Appeal to NC Supreme Court Over Racial Bias

Michigan City Council Candidate Ends Campaign After Racist Remarks

College Board to Drop SAT Adversity Score Following Criticism

Dave Chappelle's Benefit Concert Honors Dayton Victims

Viola Davis Plays Michelle Obama in Showtime's 'First Ladies' Anthology

Adut Akech Criticizes 'Who' for Confusing Her With Another Black Model

Bronx Drivers Suing NYPD for Bogus DWI Arrests

Sanctioning Torture Undermines Due Process in the United States

Black Man Detained For Three Months After Honey Was Mistaken for Meth

Ep. 84 - The Police Murder of De’Von Bailey

Tree Memorializing Victims of Arkansas' Elaine Massacre Cut Down

Episode 84 - The Police Murder of De’Von Bailey

Cherokee Nation Plans to Appoint Representative to US Congress

Remembering W.E.B. Du Bois' Antiracist Activism

Office of African American Employee Vandalized at Department of Education

Black Homeowner Handcuffed and Detained by Police Following False Alarm 

Undocumented HS Graduates in Arizona Receive Tuition Reduction at State Universities

Ep. 83 - Guess how many people are dying per day in jails & prisons

Episode 83 - Guess how many people are dying per day in jails & prisons

California Teen Sues After Video Shows Officer Punching Him

Lawsuit Claims US Citizen Illegally Held in Jail Because of His Latino Name and Skin Color

Black Man Sues Portland Club Over Claims of Racial Profiling

How Paule Marshall's Writings Transformed Me

National Association of Hispanic Journalists Cuts Ties With Fox News

Athletes Receive 12 Months Probation After Protest at Pan American Games

WHO Announces Africa Likely Polio Free After Massive Effort in Nigeria

Officials Investigate Noose Incident at California Elementary School

‘IdaTrek’ Honors Ida B. Wells By Promoting Health, Community, and Heritage 

Chicago Housing Authority CEO Abruptly Resigns

Bayard Rustin: Prophet of Freedom, Justice, and Humanity

Ep. 82 - Where did all that damn money Shaun King has raised go? (ANSWERS)

Episode 82 - Where did all that damn money Shaun King has raised go? (ANSWERS)

Phoenix Police Now Must Report When They Draw Their Service Weapon

MTV is Bringing a Museum of Missy Elliot to NYC

Police Search for Gunman After Shooting Near Clark Atlanta University

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations in the Department

White Nationalist in Ohio Arrested After Threatening to Shoot Jewish Community Center

Three States Sue Over Trump Administration's 'Public Charge' Rule

Black Housekeeper Denied Church Job Because of Priest's "Racist Dog

Galveston Officers Not Charged for Leading Black Man With Rope

Ep. 81 - @NC_Governor, Veto House Bill 370!

Colin Kaepernick Urges Supporters to "Continue to Fight" After Jay-Z and NFL Deal

Episode 81 - @NC_Governor, Veto House Bill 370!

Bernie Sanders Unveils Plan to Overhaul the Nation's Criminal Justice System

Stephen Curry Helps Howard University Revitalize Golf Program

Family Files Lawsuit after Twelve-Year-Old Boy Shot during Police Raid

Elizabeth Warren Offers Apology to Native Americans at Iowa Forum

Galveston Family and Attorney Demand Police Body Cam Footage After Horseback Arrest

Alabama Teen Sends Threatening Message to Black Classmate

Mike Brown Sr. and 'Chosen for Change' Foundation Promote Justice and Community

Racist and Threatening Letters Sent to Black Lawmakers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Tennessee Store Clerk Found Guilty of Fatally Shooting Black Teen for Stealing Beer

Episode 80 - When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression

Ep. 80 - When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression

White Supremacist Rally in Portland Leads to Multiple Arrests

Black and Hispanic Workers Face Unemployment in the 'Age of Automation'

NYPD officer in Eric Garner Case Has Been Fired

Baltimore Police Investigating Claim that Officer Humiliated Black High School Principal

Petition to Rename Trump Tower's Address to "Obama Avenue" Gains Momentum

Police Question Black Man After He Looks "Suspiciously" at White Woman

Newark Officials Distribute Bottled Water Amidst Lead Level Concerns

Trump Administration Increases Solitary Confinement for ICE Detainees

Mj Rodriguez First Trans Woman to Win Best Actress Imagen Award

Corrections Officer Placed on Leave After Driving Truck into Protestors

Texas Governor Forms Domestic Terrorism Task Force

Cicely Tyson Stars in Ava DuVernay's Series 'Cherish the Day'

Black HS Football Players Held at Gunpoint by White Woman While Fundraising

Police Killings Are 6th Leading Cause of Death Among Young Black Men

NRA Attacks Kamala Harris for Gun Reform Policy

Bill Cosby Seeks to Reverse Sex Assault Conviction

NYC Awards $10M to Wrongly Convicted Black Man

Ep. 79 - About YOUR Mayor and Justice Reform

Episode 79 - About YOUR Mayor and Justice Reform

Stacey Abrams Open to Being Vice President for "Any" Democratic Nominee

Episode 78 - Jay-Z was wrong

Ep. 78 - Jay-Z was wrong

Officers Injured During Philadelphia Standoff Near Temple University

Morehouse Launches Fund to Eliminate Student Debt

Senator Demands Answers After Deported Marine Blocked From Entering US for Citizenship Interview

NFL and Jay-Z Partner on Music and Social Justice Campaign

African Nations Fight to Retrieve Art and Artifacts from Museums in Europe

Episode 77 - Now they want to rewrite the poem at the feet of the Statue of Liberty

Ep. 77 - Now they want to rewrite the poem at the feet of the Statue of Liberty

Julián Castro Unveils Plan to Combat White Supremacy

Missy Elliott to Receive Video Vanguard Award

Opening the Door to Reparations for Black Americans

Scottish University Will Pay $24 Million in Reparations

American Athlete Gwen Berry Raises Fist in Protest at Pan-American Games 

Michigan Officer Under Investigation After KKK Document Found in Home

Episode 76 - Are you racist?

Ep. 76 - Are you racist?

Animated Short 'Hair Love' To Debut in Theaters in August

Second Black Transgender Woman Murdered in South Carolina in Two Weeks

Simone Biles Performs Historic Gymnastic Routine And Earns 6th US All-Around Gymnastics Title

Over 100 People Arrested in NYC After Weekend Protests Against ICE

Judge Awards $700,000 in Damages to Target of Neo-Nazi Harassment

Ep. 75 -

Angela Bassett and Others Support Actor Afton Williamson's Claims of Sexual Assault

Jay-Z and Will Smith Team Up to Tell the Story of Emmett Till

ACLU Challenges Trump Administration's Fast-Track Deportations

NBA Player Racially Profiled at Australian Casino

One Woman Dead, Another Injured in Pittsburgh Stabbing

House Explosion in Ohio Being Investigated As A Hate Crime

Black Woman Whose Baby Was Ripped From Her Arms Sues NYC

Tiffany Haddish and Octavia Spencer Star in 'Madam CJ Walker' Netflix Series

ICE Arrests 680 Undocumented Immigrants in Mississippi

Ep. 74 - The largest ICE raid in American history

Episode 74 - The largest ICE raid in American history

Marianne Williamson Unveils $500 billion Reparations Plan

The Liberatory Power of Toni Morrison’s Pen

MAGA Bomber Cesar Sayoc Sentenced to 20 Years in Pipe Bomb Case

AOC Calls Out Teen McConnell Supporters Seen Choking and Groping her Cutout

Ep. 73 - Just Checking In

Cyntoia Brown, Released from Prison, Plans to Use Her Experience to Help Women

Khalid Planning Benefit Concert for El Paso Families Affected by Shooting

National Portrait Gallery Will Display Beyoncé Portrait

Essence Features Serena Williams In Its Global Fashion Issue

Galveston Police Apologize After Photo Shows Black Man Tied to Horse

Black Women and the Prison Industrial Complex

Ep. 72 - I need you to focus

Episode 72 - I need you to focus

Remembering Ralph Bunche: United Nations Diplomat and Civil Rights Activist

Black Soldier Praised For Saving Children During El Paso Mass Shooting

Nobel Laureate and “Beloved” Author Toni Morrison Dies at 88 

Black School Employee Files Hair Discrimination Suit in Charlotte

Baton Rouge Police Chief Apologizes for Cop Who Killed Alton Sterling

St. Louis Man Sent Bogus Rejections to Job Applicants With 'Ghetto Names'

Protesters Demand Answers Following Man's Subway Death after Police Involvement

Ep. 71 - I had no idea the NRA did this in 45 states

NYPD Sergeant Files Lawsuit for Racial Discrimination

Judge Orders Enterprise Holdings to Pay Millions in Discrimination Lawsuit

Episode 71 - I had no idea the NRA did this in 45 states

Black Woman Becomes First Female Fire Chief in Prince George's County

Black College Student Employee Sent Home for Wearing Headscarf to Work

A$AP Rocky Freed from Swedish Prison

Dozens of House Members Demand Better Treatment of Transgender Asylum Seekers in ICE Custody

Understanding School Choice through Race and Achievement

New Study Claims Racism Can Extend to Robots

Episode 70 - The deadliest hate crime since 1921

How to Help the Victims of the Ohio and Texas Mass Shootings

Ep. 70 - The deadliest hate crime since 1921

Proposed Trump Rule Weakens Housing Discrimination Law

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Defends Trump's Racist Comments

Miami TSA Officers Disciplined After Noose Displayed in Airport

Two Chicago Anti-Gun Advocates Murdered in Drive-By Shooting

White Oklahoma Woman Evades and Attacks Officer Before Arrest

Pennsylvania Man Freed After Witness' Confession Exonerates Him

Naomi Campbell Says Hotel Turned her Away Because of her Skin Color

Ep. 69 - 10-year-old Charged with Felony Assault for Dodgeball

Episode 69 -10-year-old Charged with Felony Assault for Dodgeball

Trump's SNAP Proposal Endangers Free Lunches for Thousands of Children

Brazil Prison Riot Leaves at Least 57 Dead

ACLU Says Trump is Still Separating Families Despite Court Order

Boston PD’s Gang Database Racially Profiles Young Black and Latino Men

Gucci Hires Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Response to Blackface Scandal

Report Finds LGBTQ Rights Cases Are Stalling Under Education Secretary DeVos

Joe Biden Must Face a Reckoning For His Role in Building Mass Incarceration

Senator Rand Paul Calls Rep. Ilhan Omar 'Ungrateful'

T.J. Maxx Apologizes for Racially Profiling Connecticut Family

Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' Breaks Record for No. 1 Song

Presidential Candidate Michael Bennet Proposes Tax Plan to Support Communities of Color

Ep. 68 - Court rules that white men are now a protected class of minority

Episode 68 - Court rules that white men are now a protected class of minority

Trump Accuses Reverend Al Sharpton of Hating White People and Police

Trump Proposes Investigation into the Obamas' Book Deal

Study Shows Black and Latinx Teens More Likely to Experience Reproductive Coercion

Court Dismisses Covington Student's Lawsuit Against the 'Washington Post'

Lena Waithe Signs New Overall Deal With Amazon Studios

Racist Black Rag Dolls Meant For Abuse Pulled From NJ Shelves

Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Unveils Universal Healthcare Plan

Ep. 67 - What’s your position on the death penalty?

Episode 67 - What’s your position on the death penalty?

Baltimore Officials Defend the City After Trump’s Attacks

Smithsonian's Museum of African American History and Culture Acquires Jet and Ebony Archive

Video Released of Kidnapped Aid Workers in Nigeria

Black Women on YouTube Transform the Internet and Challenge Society

Episode 66 - 27 people shot. Now what?

Ep. 66 - 27 people shot. Now what?

Congressional Black Caucus Launches 2020 Census Task Force

A$AP Rocky Heads to Trial in Sweden  

“For my family, city, and country”: Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker's Legacy

North Carolina Woman Defends Use of Racial Slur 

Ole Miss Students Suspended from Fraternity after Posing with Guns in front of Emmett Till Memorial

Florida Teen Chased, Hit by Patrol Car, and Tasered Before Arrest

ACLU Sues Three Government Agencies for Targeting Immigration Activists

Wyoming Joins the Campaign to Fight Violence Against Indigenous Women

NAACP Calls for Trump's Impeachment at National Convention

Ep. 65 - You Stupid N***ers: How We Must Approach Racism in 2019 and Beyond

Harriet Tubman Biopic Releases Trailer Before November Premiere

Episode 65 - You Stupid N***ers: How We Must Approach Racism in 2019 and Beyond

Trump Labels Congresswomen 'Racist Group of Troublemakers'

Rapper Meek Mill's Conviction Overturned

Male Privilege and Sexism in Hip Hop Culture

Hundreds Gather in Germany to Condemn Racially Motivated Shooting

Trump Proposal Would Cut 3 Million People from Food Stamp Eligibility

Ep. 64 - You Asked, Shaun Answers: July Edition

Episode 64 - You Asked, Shaun Answers: July Edition

Shelby County and Memphis Plan Ida B. Wells Day in 2020

Black Couple Racially Profiled During Marriage Proposal in Upstate NY Orchard

HBCU Texas Southern University To Host Third Presidential Debates in September

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló Resigns After Protests

Tennessee State University Opens HBCU Coding Hub

Illinois GOP Issues Half-Apology After Sharing Racist Meme

Four Chicago Police Officers Fired In Cover-Up of Laquan McDonald's Murder

Pete Buttigieg Labels White Supremacy a National Threat

Ilhan Omar Proposes Bill to End School Lunch Debt Shaming

Episode 63 - Revolution in Puerto Rico, Cops Fired, Ethnic Cleansing

Ep. 63 - Revolution in Puerto Rico, Cops Fired, Ethnic Cleansing

"We Can't Wait": An Interview with Memphis Mayoral Candidate Tami Sawyer

R & B Group 'Earth, Wind & Fire' To Receive Kennedy Center Honors

Ayanna Pressley Introduces New Bill to Resolve Private Student Loan Debt

Arizona Man is Sentenced to Prison for Making Death Threats Against Black Students at Harvard

Denali Berries Stuckey Is 12th Black Transgender Woman Killed in 2019

A New Exhibit Highlights Black Women's Fight for Voting Rights

Ep. 62 - Local Media Supports Mass Incarceration

Episode 62 - Local Media Supports Mass Incarceration

Black Georgia Lawmaker Says White Man Told Her 'Go Back Where You Came From'

Thirteen Philadelphia Officers to Be Fired for Facebook Posts

Uber Says Executive Pay Will Be Linked to 2022 Diversity Goals

Lawmaker Argues that Owning Slaves Does Not Make You Racist

Black Family Says Nike Store Manager Racially Profiled Them

White House Correspondent April Ryan To Moderate NAACP Presidential Forum

Congo's Ebola Outbreak Declared Global Health Emergency

Chicago-Based Black Radical Organization's Building Bulldozed by the City

South Dakota City Unveils Statue in Honor of Former President Barack Obama

Stanford University Launches Investigation After Noose Found on Campus

'Semicolon' Opens in Chicago as City's Only Black Woman-Owned Bookstore

Episode 61 - Racism is an impeachable offense

Ep. 61 - Racism is an impeachable offense

Angela Davis Will Be Inducted Into The National Women’s Hall of Fame

Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Man in South Bend Resigns

New PBS Children’s Show Aims to Promote Diversity with Native American Lead

Judge Overturns Life Sentence for Philadelphia Man After Nearly 28 Years

How Both Political Parties Have Appealed to White Insecurities to Gain Power

Trump Rally Targets Congresswoman Ilhan Omar with Racist Chant

Ep. 60 - Why I think that we will win

Episode 60 - Why I think that we will win

Cuban Singer Becomes Pioneer of #MeToo Movement on the Island

Senator Cory Booker Proposes "Second Look" Legislation to Reform Prison Sentencing

Solange Knowles Will Screen Visual Album Across the United States and Europe

How One Community in Mali Reduced their Infant Mortality Rate

HBCU Attendance Does Not Prove Allegiance to Black People

Michelle Obama Seeks to Increase Youth Voter Turnout with 'When We All Vote'

No Federal Charges Against Officer in Eric Garner Case

Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker, Hall of Fame Boxer, Dies After Being Hit by Vehicle

White Security Guard Is Charged for Pulling Gun on Black Sheriff's Deputy

Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke Reveals His Ancestors Were Slaveholders

Ep. 59 - How To Make Change

Episode 59 - How To Make Change

Attorney Says Arrest of Black Hospital Patient in Illinois was Racist

DC’s 'Social Justice School' Empowers Students to Create a More Just World

New York Bans Discrimination Against Natural Hair

Lashana Lynch is the New '007' in the Upcoming James Bond Film

Rapper 'Scarface' Evolves Into Community Servant

Ep. 58 - About Trump’s Most Racist Tweets

Black Museum Founder Sadie Roberts-Joseph Found Dead in Baton Rouge

Episode 58 - About Trump’s Most Racist Tweets

Trump Insults And Then Demands an Apology from Four Congresswomen of Color

Burger King Customers Tell Spanish-Speaking Manager to 'Go Back to Mexico' in Viral Video

Former NFL Star Albert Haynesworth Pleads For Kidney Donor

Serena Williams Invests in Organization to Tackle High Black Maternal Death Rate

The UNIA in Bermuda and Resistance to Global White Supremacy

Pete Buttigieg Releases Racial Justice Plan Called 'The Douglass Plan'

Disabled Workers in Haiti Are Producing Prosthetics for 2010 Earthquake Victims

Nashville Woman Claims Racial Profiling Led to Assault by Police

Reclaiming the Legacy of Canada's 'Emancipation Day'

City of Austin Honors Sandra Bland with 'Sandra Bland Day'

Sandy Still Speaks: Remembering Sandra Bland

ACLU Represents White Woman in Lawsuit Contesting Eviction for Having Black Guest

R. Kelly Arrested In Chicago Following Federal Indictments for Child Pornography

Woman Pepper Sprayed in Cuyahoga County Corrections Facility Files Lawsuit

ICE Raids on Undocumented Immigrants Scheduled to Begin on Sunday

Family Demands Answers after 17-Year-Old Daughter Fatally Shot by California Police

Black-Owned Wineries Headline Festival on Martha's Vineyard

Kamala Harris Teams Up with AOC to Improve Housing Access to the Formerly Incarcerated

Iconic 'Chicago Defender' Newspaper Ends Print Publishing

Barbara Jordan’s Enduring Political Legacy

Poll Shows Women of Color Are a Powerful Voting Bloc in the Democratic Party

Ida B. Wells Honored with Historic Landmark in Hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi

Activists Demand Release of Rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish Prison

Nicki Minaj Cancels Show in Saudi Arabia After Complaints from Human Rights Groups

Employment Opportunities Are Deteriorating for Black Men

Activists Demand #JusticeForElijah After White Man Stabs Black Teen For Listening to Rap Music

#AllOutDC Activists Criticize Police for Protecting 'Proud Boys' Over Black Lives

Philadelphia Street Named in Honor of Patti LaBelle

"Project Clean Slate" Helping Detroit Residents Expunge Their Criminal Records

Senator Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan to Close the Wealth Gap for Women of Color

Son Begs Father Not to Call 911 and Racially Profile Black Man

Meet Timothy Welbeck: Professor and Attorney by Day, Rapper by Night

Texas Teen with Dreadlocks Becomes Model After Six Flags Denied Him a Job

Maryland Police Officer Suspended After Assaulting Young Man

22 African American Historic Sites and Organizations Receive $1.6 Million in Funding

Senator Bernie Sanders Denounces Closing of Philadelphia Hospital

Netflix Secures Rights to Documentary on Cyntoia Brown

White Supremacist Admitted to Mental Hospital After Trying to Burn Down British Synagogue

Why We Need More Black Women in Economics

ICE Officials Arrest Activist for Reciting Poem Criticizing Immigration Policy

Rapper Talib Kweli Removed From German Festival Over His Support of Palestinian Rights

Jussie Smollett Wants Chicago’s Lawsuit Moved to Federal Court

'GirlTrek' Leads the Way in the Fight to Improve Black Women's Health

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Shuts Down Racist Question at Iowa Event

Capital Punishment and the Racial Execution of Justice

Queens District Attorney Race Heads to Automatic Recount

Manslaughter Charges Dropped Against Alabama Woman Who Was Shot While Pregnant

First Black Woman Joins the Daughters of the American Revolution’s National Board

San Francisco School Board Votes to Cover George Washington Mural

Lawsuit Alleges Georgia Is Discriminating Against Puerto Ricans

Toni Morrison Documentary and the Prevalence of the “White Gaze”

Trump Administration Reverses Course on Citizenship Question in 2020 Census

Senator Cory Booker Unveils Immigration Plan

Rapper Noname Boosts Campaign to Preserve Nina Simone's Childhood Home

Shirley Chisholm State Park Debuts in Brooklyn, New York

Judge Orders Medical Professionals Into Child Migrant Detention Centers

Nike Pulls 'Betsy Ross Flag' Sneakers after Colin Kaepernick's Objection

Prize-winning Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. Handcuffed After Police Respond to Hoax 911 Call

Miss Tennessee Crowns First African American Pageant Winner

Border Patrol Facebook Group Mocks Migrants and Congress Members

Cori Gauff Becomes the Youngest to Qualify at Wimbledon, Defeats Venus Williams

Pharrell Gives Internships to 114 Harlem High School Graduates

Voting Rights Groups Sue Over Florida Law Targeting Formerly Incarcerated

The Declaration of Independence Haunts Black America

NJ Mother and Son Assaulted After Racist Bullying at School

Eric Logan's Family Files Lawsuit Against Officer and City of South Bend

Officer May Be Reinstated Despite Sexual Harassment Allegations

ADL Reports Rise in White Supremacist Activity on College Campuses

Attorney Benjamin Crump and NAACP Call for Criminal Charges for FL Officers Who Assaulted Teen

Activists Demand Harvard Rescind Fellowship for Former Michigan Governor

Patrice Lumumba: Black Revolutionary and Pan-African Visionary

Reflecting on the Civil Rights Act’s Anniversary with James Baldwin

White Man Who Called Police on Black Pool Patrons Blames Disability, Gets Evicted

Trump Seeks to Withdraw Deportation Protections for Families of Active Troops

Louisiana Man Exonerated After 17 Years Incarcerated

LA Students Push to End Criminalization of Black and Brown Youth

Black Woman Accuses Michigan Restaurant of Racial Profiling

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Rescind Wounded Knee Medals of Honor

NY Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Has Limited Impact for Communities of Color

Alabama Woman Charged in Death of Her Unborn Child After Being Shot

New Poll Shows Declining Latinx Support for GOP and Trump

Chef Leah Chase Elevated Food and American Society

Alabama Law Allows Church With Racist Past to Form Police Force

New Study Shows Gains for College-Educated Women In the Workforce

Tiffany Cabán Declares Victory in Queens DA Race

DC Transit Police Investigates Tasering of Unarmed Black Man

Ethiopian Military Chief Killed After Failed Coup

Prominent Detroit Artist Sheefy McFly Arrested While Painting City Mural

Billy Porter Honored With A Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Confronting Segregation and Racism in the Women's Rights Movement

Trump Delays ICE Raids and Gives Democrats Ultimatum on Asylum Laws

Philadelphia PD Disciplines 72 Officers For Offensive Social Media Posts

ACLU Calls On LA District Attorney to Abolish Death Penalty Sentencing

Petition Created to Change Victim Notification Laws

Charlottesville White Supremacist Begs Judge for Mercy in Sentencing

Elizabeth Acevedo Becomes the First Writer of Color to Win Carnegie Medal

Teen Says NYPD Falsely Arrested Him and Plans to Sue

Miami Officer Who Shot Caregiver of Autistic Man Acquitted

Texas Mother Says She Was Attacked for Wearing a Hijab At Starbucks

Black Woman Named Marijuana Pepsi Obtains her PhD

Janet Mock Becomes First Black Transgender Woman to Secure Landmark Overall Deal With Netflix

Black Mayors and the Power of Local Politics

Toronto Raptors President Faces Criminal Charges After Encounter With Sheriff’s Deputy

Ep. 57 - Look How Far We've Come!

Episode 57 - Look How Far We've Come!

Mitch McConnell Uses Obama as Example to Dismiss Reparations

Democrats Introduce Bill to Cancel Student Debt

Kim Kardashian West and Lyft Help Formerly Incarcerated People Find Jobs

Ebony Magazine Reportedly Fires Online Editorial Staff Without Pay

Baltimore Police Officer Charged After Body Cam Captures Wrongful Arrest

Protestors in Sudan Demand an End to Military Rule

Ep. 56 - Don’t worry, they found the Barbie Doll box.

Episode 56 - Don’t worry, they found the Barbie Doll box.

Black Boeing Employee Files Lawsuit for Racist Harassment

Harvard Rescinds Admission for Parkland Student Over Past Racist Comments

Tiffany Haddish Cancels Comedy Show in Atlanta Over Abortion Ban

Rapper 21 Savage Donates $25,000 to Southern Poverty Law Center

Immigrant Twin Brothers Graduate from Top Medical Schools

The Murder of Black Transgender Women is on the Rise in the United States

Episode 55 - Join Us!

Phoenix Police Chief Apologizes for Mistreatment of Black Family

Ep. 55 - Join Us!

Conservatives Court Asian Americans For Electoral Gains

Majority White Civil Employees Seek Unionization After Black Woman Elected

School Aide Resigns After Making 'Picking Cotton' Remark to Students

Deposed Sudan Leader Omar al-Bashir Charged with Corruption

Ecuador Becomes Sixth Latin American Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Ep. 54 - Trump Crossed a Bright Red Line + Action Steps

Episode 54 - Trump Crossed a Bright Red Line + Action Steps

Street Renamed 'Hidden Figures Way' at NASA Headquarters

New Investigation Planned into Flint Water Crisis after Charges Dropped

Kamala Harris Signals Willingness to Prosecute Trump

Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Retained by Miles Hall's Family

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover to Address Congress on Reparations

Ep. 53 - Let’s Pass a Law Together!

Episode 53 - Let’s Pass a Law Together!

The Barack Obama Presidential Center Moves Forward

Protests Occur in Memphis After Fatal Law Enforcement Shooting

NYPD Disciplinary System Lacks Transparency

Dispelling the Stereotypical Portrayal of Black Fathers

Kamala Harris' New Immigration Plan Would Provide Citizenship to Dreamers

Detroit Police Criticized For “Escorting” White Supremacists at Pride Parade

Ebola Virus Spreads to Uganda

Ep. 52 - "Choosing to Cheat"

Episode 52 - "Choosing to Cheat"

Congresswomen Demand Answers Regarding the Mistreatment of Pregnant Migrants

Police and Secret Service Called on Student for Playing with Fake Money

Rapper Scarface Running for Houston City Council

Suspect in 3 Louisiana Black Church Fires Charged With Hate Crimes

Protests Erupt in Port-au-Prince to Demand Haitian President's Resignation

Local Group Asks Johns Hopkins Hospital to End Lawsuits Against Poor

Ep. 51 - Tiffany Cabán is a Game Changer

Episode 51 - Tiffany Cabán is a Game Changer

Identical Twin Sisters Graduate From Chicago High School as Co-Valedictorians

Central Park Five Prosecutor Resigns from Columbia Law School

Taraji P. Henson Hosted Annual Dinner to Erase the Stigma Around Mental Health

Polling Place Sues After Its Closure For 'Black Lives Matter' Banner

Black Transgender Woman Layleen Polanco Dies in Solitary Confinement at Rikers

Broadway Legend André De Shields Wins His First Tony Award

Ethnic Violence on the Rise in Mali

“Cowboy Culture” on the Rise Among Police in Los Angeles

Ep. 50 - #SudanUprising

Episode 50 - #SudanUprising

Top Texas High School Football Referee Suspended for Racist Comments

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Address Maternal and Infant Mortality Crisis

Baseball Star David Ortiz Back in Boston After Attack in the Dominican Republic

Democrat Andrew Gillum Hints At 2022 Run for Governor

Oregon Bill Would Allow Victims of Racist 911 Calls to Sue Callers

Central Floridians Work Together to Memorialize the Pulse Nightclub

Restaurant Owner Faces Charges After Kidnapping Black Boy

The Tubman Stamp Project Helping to Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bills

Ep. 49 - The Problematic Privilege of White NBA Fans

Episode 49 - The Problematic Privilege of White NBA Fans

Utah Mom Demands Investigation After Officer Draws Weapon on Son

Lessons on Black Life from Writers Toni Morrison and James Baldwin

Chicago Coffee House Removes Black Patrons

Lawsuit Filed by Black NJ Teacher Alleges 'Abusive and Hostile Treatment'

‘Atlantic’ Editor’s Insensitive Remarks Reveal Lack of Diversity in Newsrooms

Episode 48 - Our Action Steps Are Working!

Sacramento Park Renamed After Actor LeVar Burton

Ep. 48 - Our Action Steps Are Working!

Spike Lee Presents Denzel Washington with AFI Lifetime Achievement Award

NYPD Issues a Formal Apology for 1969 Stonewall Raid

Louisville Unveils New Look For the Muhammad Ali International Airport

Black Student Racially Profiled During Academic Conference in Canada

New ICE Chief Considers Increasing Family Deportations

Cook County Judge Terminated After Racist Remarks

Trump Admin Eliminates Educational Programs and Legal Aid for Undocumented Children

Valedictorian’s Speech Interrupted While Listing Names of Black Teens Shot by Police

Julian Vasquez Heilig Named Dean of University of Kentucky's College of Education

Hate Crimes on the Rise in New York City

Today's Poor People's Campaign Demands Economic Justice

Newlyweds Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre Grace Cover of ‘British Vogue’

Ep. 47 - Action Steps: The Central Park Five, Part III

Terms of Sale

Episode 47 - Action Steps: The Central Park Five, Part III

Alabama Mayor Defiant After Making Violent Homophobic Facebook Posts

YouTube Removes White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, and Other Extremist Content

Black Philanthropist Robert F. Smith Expands Student Internship Program in STEM

Oakland School Board Accused of Retaliation Against Teacher Who Reported Violence

Presidential Candidate Julián Castro Unveils “People First Policing Plan”

Ethiopian Airlines Challenges the West and Soars in Africa

St. Louis Police Officers Under Investigation for Racist and Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts

Fifth Black Transgender Woman Killed Since May

Serena Williams Becomes First Athlete On Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women List

Ep. 46 - Imbler v. Pachtman: The Central Park Five, Part II

Episode 46 - Imbler vs. Prachtman: The Central Park Five, Part II

DC Lawmakers Propose the Restoration of Voting Rights to Incarcerated People

Sephora Closes US Stores For Inclusion Workshop

First Black Student Body President Elected at Yale

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Appoints New School Board Members

Julián Castro Will Be the First Democrat of Color to Participate in Fox Town Hall

Children at Immigration Detention Center Living in Psychologically Damaging Conditions

How Laws Suppressed the Black Vote

Black Churches Impacted by Racially Motivated Arsons Receive Financial Support

Eric Holder Supports Black Mississippians' Lawsuit Over Racist Election Practices

Episode 45 - "When They See Us": The Central Park Five, Part I

Ep. 45 - "When They See Us": The Central Park Five, Part I

What is Black Radicalism?

Jay-Z Becomes Hip-Hop's First Billionaire

Lawyers in Black Army Officer Murder Case Want to Exclude Racist Evidence

FBI Investigating Louisiana School That Helped Minority College Admissions

Airbnb Host Hurls Racial Slurs Before Evicting Black Guests

New Legislation Mandates Latinx and African American Studies at Connecticut Schools

Ep. 44 - You Asked, Shaun Answers: June Edition

Episode 44 - You Asked, Shaun Answers: June Edition

Arkansas Woman Recreates Lynching Scene with Confederate Flag on Front Yard

Lawsuit Claims Police Handcuffed 8-year-old Boy

NYC Public Advocate Calls for Racial Impact Study To End Housing Segregation

Rahna Epting Infuses MoveOn With Multiracial and Multicultural Leadership

Nikole Roebuck Becomes First Black Female Band Director at Grambling State University

Trump's UK State Visit Reveals Britain's Racist Past and Present

Kim Kardashian West Visits Inmate Kevin Cooper on Death Row

More Than 200 Books on Race and Criminal Justice Removed From an Illinois Prison

Ep. 43 - Cops are Racist AF

Episode 43 - Cops are Racist AF

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Features All-Black Cast For Central Park’s Shakespeare in The Park

Historian Earl Lewis Envisions a World of Justice and Grace

Challenging the Perception that Black People Feel Less Pain

Protests Erupt After NJ Police Officer Found Not Guilty of Beating Black Teen

Challenges To Passing Meaningful Police Accountability Legislation

NYC Monument Will Honor Transgender Activists Marsha P. Johnson And Sylvia Rivera

A Legacy of Abolition and Love in the Work of a Washington, DC Organizer

Mock Slave Auctions 'Profoundly' Traumatize Students, State Investigation Finds

Legislators Advocate For Improved Access to Fertility Treatment

Dehydration Lawsuit at David Clarke’s Milwaukee Jail Settles for $6.75 Million

Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot Envisions a Bright Future for the City

Affirmative Action Is An Elusive Remedy for Racial Justice

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Tennessee DA Over Anti-Muslim Remarks

Ep. 42 - Prisons Ban Books on Liberation and Freedom

Episode 42 - Prisons Ban Books on Liberation and Freedom

The Ramadan Fast Fostered Muslim Resistance to Slavery

Survey Finds Black People Believe Politicians Don’t Care About Black Community

California's Humboldt University Names First Black President

DC City Council Approves Larger Subsidies for Struggling Hospital

White Campground Manager Terminated for Pulling Gun on Black Couple

14-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Spelman College Student

Office of Civil Rights Becomes Independent Agency in Baltimore

Snapchat Hires Oona King As Its First Chief of Diversity and Inclusion

The Remarkable Life of Harlem Renaissance Poet Countee Cullen

Predatory Investors Target Black Homeowners in Desirable Markets

Mati Diop Becomes First Black Woman to Win Award at Cannes Film Festival

ACLU Blasts Baltimore Police Union For Racially Profiling Black Children

CAIR Demands Investigation of Vandalism During Texas Community Ramadan Iftar

Meek Mill To Sue The Cosmopolitan Hotel for Racial Discrimination

Ep. 41 - How to Choose a Presidential Candidate - Part 2

Episode 41 - How to Choose a Presidential Candidate - Part 2

Gentrification in DC Threatens Iconic Black-Owned Bookstore 'Sankofa'

3 Teens Arrested For Brutally Beating Black Special Education Student

College Admissions Inequalities Hamper Affirmative Action Solutions

2 MOVE Members Now Free After More Than 40 Years in Jail

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Releases New Database of Enslaved People’s Lawsuits

Ep. 40 - Police Murder an Unarmed Kid + Bigots Get Elected Across Europe

Episode 40 - Police Murder an Unarmed Kid + Bigots Get Elected Across Europe

Walmart Cashier Who Walked Miles to Work Given Car After Story Goes Viral

Man Who Spent 45 Years in Prison for a Wrongful Conviction Will Receive $1.5 Million

Racial Discrimination Runs Deep in the Restaurant Industry

Arizona Faces Calls to Reverse Ban on Criminal Justice Book in Prisons

A Sixth Migrant Child Has Died in US Custody

Video Shows Police Placing Spit Mask Over 12-Year-Old Boy's Head During Detainment

Mississippi Mayor Offers To Pay Criminals to Leave City

Hearing on the Death of Eric Garner Reveals Evidence Fabrication

Racially Profiled Students at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts Receive Apology

Trans Advocate Michelle 'Tamika' Washington Fatally Shot in Philadelphia

Activists Protest NYC's Whitney Museum of American Art Over Ties to Racist and Militarist Violence

Homeless Memphis Valedictorian Gets Full Ride to College and $3M in Scholarships

Confronting the Crisis of Mental Health in Black Communities

Nurse Graduates from NYU After Years Working As a Janitor

White Mississippi Police Officer Charged with Killing Black Mother

Ep. 39 - Self Care

Episode 39 - Self Care

Milwaukee County Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

‘Amazing Grace’ Documentary Dishonors the Late Queen of Soul

Florida Democrats Will Spend $4M To Connect With Voters of Color

Fight For Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Falters But Won't Fail

Brooklyn Street Will Be Named for Notorious B.I.G.

Former Buffalo Wild Wings Cook Sues Restaurant for Race and Age Discrimination

NJ Officers Placed On Leave After Punching Teen During Arrest

Student Loan Borrowers Would Get Bankruptcy Relief Under New Bill

Ep. 38 - Life in Prison for Selling Weed

Episode 38 - Life in Prison for Selling Weed

Four NYC Department of Education Execs to Sue Over ‘White Discrimination’

Tennessee House Speaker Embroiled in Texting Scandal Resigns After No Confidence Vote

Rochelle Bilal Will Likely Become First Black Female Sheriff in Philadelphia

California Could Criminalize Fatal Police Shootings Under New Law

Whitney Houston's Estate Plans New Album Release and Hologram Tour

Senator Kamala Harris Confronts the Wage Gap in Latest Policy Proposal

Filipino and American Activists Combat the Duterte Regime

Unita Blackwell’s Legacy of Educational Activism Lives On

Ep. 37 - Philadelphia Has a New Sheriff in Town

Episode 37 - Philadelphia Has a New Sheriff in Town

White Feminists Have Been Poor Allies in the Struggle for Racial Justice

Oprah Donates $500,000 to New Jersey High School

Wills Discovered in Aretha Franklin's Home Reignite Estate Battle

7 Earn College Degrees at Illinois Prison’s First Graduation Ceremony

New Report Finds Black Girls Viewed As Less Innocent than White Peers

Trayvon Martin's Mother Runs for Political Office in Florida

Tennessee District Attorney Refuses to Resign Following Anti-Muslim Comments

Bernie Sanders’ Education Plan Would End Racial Discrimination and Charter Schools

Ep. 36 - Black Trans Women are Being Murdered

Episode 36 - Black Trans Women are Being Murdered

Ebola Returns to Central Africa With A Vengeance

Arizona Commission To Conduct Study on Missing Indigenous Women

Lawmakers Renew Push to Place Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

Billionaire Robert Smith Pledges to Pay Off Morehouse Grads’ Student Loan Debt

San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Tech Amid Concerns of Racial Bias

Black Transgender Woman Attacked in Texas Found Dead

Activists Confront The Painful History of Lynching

SAT Adds 'Adversity Score' To Rate Student Hardships

Ep. 35 - Forgive All Student Loan Debt

Revisiting Racism on Campus in John Singleton's ‘Higher Learning’

Study Reveals Undocumented Immigrants Do Not Increase Crime in the US

Black Women Take Their Rightful Place in the Halls of Congress

Childbirth is Extremely Deadly For Black Women

Muslim Woman Says Georgia Corrections Department Prohibited Her From Wearing Hijab

Race, Faith, and Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention

Black Patients Disproportionately Impacted by Johns Hopkins’ Medical Debt Lawsuits

Westboro Baptist Church Plans Protests at Three HBCU Graduations

California Students Receive 'Severe Consequences' for Racist Promposal

Judge Orders Spanish-Language Ballots in Florida in 2020

Ep. 34 - Seeking Justice for Pamela Turner

Episode 34 - Seeking Justice for Pamela Turner

New Report Reveals Racial Disparities in Police Arrests in DC

50 Years of Black Loyalty to Democrats Hasn’t Fixed Racial Disparities

Black Woman Killed by Texas Police Officer During Altercation

Officer Pleads Guilty to Siccing Dog on Unarmed Black Man

Cory Booker Re-Introduces Bill to Counter ICE’s Coordination with Local Police

Missouri Police Investigating Video of Student Threatening Black Classmates With Lynching

The Fight for Educational Equity 65 Years After 'Brown v. Board of Education'

New Report Shows Rising Segregation in Schools

Ep. 33 - Joe Biden is the Father of Modern Mass Incarceration

Episode 33 - Joe Biden is the Father of Modern Mass Incarceration

Minnesota Teacher Suspended After Using Racial Slur

Let's Talk About Race at The Library

The Racial Disparities in 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Presidential Candidate Julián Castro Unveils 'People First Education Plan'

Former DNC Finance Chair Henry Muñoz III to Focus on Latinx Voter Turnout in 2020

Bill Calls for Resources to Support Gun Violence Victims

Black Mama’s Bail Out Initiative Freed 100 Black Women on Mother’s Day

Protesters Block Highway As Disciplinary Trial Begins for Eric Garner’s Death

Episode 32 - “Do you really understand Roe v. Wade?”

Ep. 32 - “Do you really understand Roe v. Wade?”

Philadelphia Grandmother is Cheyney University's Valedictorian

#ChristopherDeAndreMitchell: When Will Enough Be Enough?

Balenciaga Scholarship Gives Two Students of Color Tuition to Pratt Institute

Largest Class of Black Women Will Graduate from West Point

NY Legislators Oppose Plan to End Housing Aid for Undocumented Immigrants

Maryland Authorities Investigate Officer Who Used Racial Slur During Questioning

Developing The Green New Deal For Black and Brown People

Ninth Person Dies in Cuyahoga County Jail Since 2018

Ep. 31 - Protect Rashida Tlaib

Episode 31 - Protect Rashida Tlaib

Principal and Staff Photographed Holding Noose Are Placed on Administrative Leave

Diabetes Drugs Linked to Rare Genital Infection

Restoring the American Dream: An Interview with Presidential Candidate Wayne Messam

Black Florida Man Racially Profiled While Using Starbucks Restroom

Author's Book Deal in Jeopardy After Reporting Black Metro Worker For Eating on Train

Hassan Bennett, Representing Himself, Acquitted of Murder After 13 Years in Prison

Ep. 30 - You Asked, Shaun Answers

Episode 30 - You Asked, Shaun Answers

Bernie Sanders, AOC Team Up to Cap Credit Card Interest Rate at 15 Percent

New Bill Would Create Educational Opportunities For Students With Criminal Records

BBC Radio Host Apologizes For Racist Tweet About Royal Newborn

The Black Market for Black People’s Phone Data

Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis Fought for Black America

The Racial Implications of the Uber-Lyft Strike

Whiteness and Power in 'Game of Thrones' (Spoilers)

The PTSD of Gun Violence in Black America

Dave Chappelle to Receive Mark Twain Award for Humor

Dismantling The Roots of White Supremacy's Theology

Violent Arrest of Black Man in Missouri Goes Viral

Ayanna Pressley and Cory Booker Introduce Bill to Decrease Maternal Mortality

Bob Marley's Musical Genius and the Sounds of Jamaica

Mother Files Discrimination Lawsuit After Bus Driver Trapped Son in Vehicle Door

Afro Colombian Activist Francia Márquez Mina Survives Attack

Johns Hopkins University Arrested Students After Month-long On-Campus Protests

Brooklyn's Weeksville Heritage Center Raises Funds to Preserve Black History

Episode 29 - The Red Sox chose whiteness over everything else

Ep. 29 - The Red Sox chose whiteness over everything else

BLM Ithaca Challenges Police Brutality Following Arrests

‘Baby Bonds’ Could Remedy the Racial Wealth Gap

Lessons from the Past: Black Activism in the Revolutionary Era

Sandra Bland's Family Demands Renewed Investigation After New Video Emerges

Kamala Harris Pushes Bill to Create More STEM Jobs for People of Color

Walgreens Security Guard Targeted Victim for Being Black and Gay, Lawsuit Claims

Arizona High School Students Walk Out to Protest Detention of Undocumented Classmate

Georgia Mayor Accused of Saying City Is ‘Not Ready’ for Black Leadership

Ep. 28 - Shoot ‘em

Episode 28 - Shoot ‘em

Black Marine Vet Michael Owens Launches Bid For Georgia Congressional Seat

ICE Program Allows Local Authorities to Arrest Immigrants

John Singleton’s Legacy of Honesty

What the Louisiana Church Burnings Reveal about Race in America

Tennessee House Speaker Under Pressure to Resign Amid Drug and Sexting Scandal

Oglala Sioux Nation to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: ‘You’re Not Welcome’

Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike for Better Pay and Benefits

Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Advocates for National Gun Licensing Program

Ep. 27 - Sandra Bland filmed her own arrest

Episode 27 - Sandra Bland filmed her own arrest

Ohio Teen Banned from Prom After Racist Promposal Sign Goes Viral

A Eulogy For The Man Who Shot Nipsey Hussle

NYC Is First Major City to Allow Incarcerated People to Make Free Phone Calls

Black North Carolina Attorney Crowned Miss USA 2019

Mother Mourns Son Shot to Death by White Neighbor

Ethels Club, A Social Workspace For People of Color, Opens This Summer

Black High School Grad Sues School District For Denying Salutatorian Honor

The Future of HBCUs Will Be Determined By The Place of Black Women

Ep. 26 - What Black Lives Matter Has Accomplished

Episode 26 - What Black Lives Matter Has Accomplished

Houston Senior Becomes First Black Valedictorian in School's 119-Year History

Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Open 'The National Museum of the American Latino'

Regina King Lands Production Deal with Netflix

Migrant Teen from Guatemala Dies In US Custody after Brain Surgery

Newly Released Information in Oscar Grant Case Reveals Officer Lied to Investigators

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Seeks to Reconcile History and Truth in 'Reconstruction'

Melissa Harris-Perry's Anna Julia Cooper Center Closes Its Doors

Facebook Bans White Supremacists, Anti-Semites, and Far Right Activists

Ep. 25 - How to Choose a Presidential Candidate - Part 1

Episode 25 - How to Choose Who to Support for President

HBCUs Remain Producers of Black Excellence Across Disciplines

Chicago Furniture Bank Helps Homeless Furnish Their First Homes

New Bill Proposes Bond Hearings for Asylum Seekers Before Detention

Navigating Life As A Black American Abroad

Florida Bill Would Block Funding to Arm Teachers

People Of Color: The ‘Shadow Workforce’ Behind Big Tech

Mexican Workers Gain Right to Unionize, Negotiate Pay

San Diego Prosecutors Want to Solidify Plea Deals, Even If Laws Change

Philando Castile's Mother Donates $8,000 to Settle Lunch Debt

'One Vibe Africa' Empowers Kenyan Youth Through Music and Arts

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Resigns Amid Children’s Book Investigation

Two Swarthmore College Fraternities Disband After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

University of Cambridge Will Examine Its Relationship to Slavery

Anti-Semitism In US Reaches Historic Levels

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Investigates Racist Photos on Social Media

Ep. 24 - Young black engineer murdered by white neighbor

Episode 24 - Young Black engineer murdered by white neighbor

Black Scientist Encounters Racist Effigy of Lynched Black Man While Traveling for PBS Special

Black Women Leaders Organized Rally in Support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Pets Have Become an Extension of White Privilege

Illinois High School Students Walk Out Over Blackface Photos, Videos

Strip Search at New York Middle School Triggers Lawsuit

Activists Demand Changes to Pennsylvania’s Use of Force Law After Antwon Rose’s Death

New Bill Promotes Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Congressman Wants Legal Protection For Higher Education Institutions Studying Cannabis

Ep. 23 - Police Officer Convicted of Murder in Minnesota

Episode 23 - Police Officer Convicted of Murder in Minnesota

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue To Feature First Hijab-Wearing Model

Marvel Plays to White Universe in 'Avengers: Endgame' (Spoilers)

Gloria Bromell Tinubu Challenges Lindsey Graham for South Carolina Senate Seat

Relief Organizations Struggle to Deliver Aid to Cyclone-Battered Mozambique

Stacey Abrams Won’t Seek Senate Seat, Doesn't Rule Out Presidential Run

Maine To Ban Indigenous Names, Imagery for Public School Mascots

First African American Woman Graduates from US Army Ranger School

The Only Bookstore in The Bronx Fosters Community Reading

Ep. 22 - The 911 call after the murder of Botham Jean

Episode 22 - The 911 call after the murder of Botham Jean

The University of Cincinnati's Law School Appoints First Black Dean

Snapchat Appoints First Black C-Suite Executive

Maxine Waters Blasts Judge Who Released White Supremacist Coast Guard Officer

Opioid Prescribing Doctors Are Drug Dealers in White Coats

Presidential Candidate Julián Castro Outlines People First Immigration Policy

Puerto Rican Children Show Signs of PTSD After Hurricane Maria

Congressional Black Caucus Launches Task Force on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health

New York Attorney General Launches Investigation Into NRA's Tax-Exempt Status

Ep. 21 - Tribute to John Singleton

Episode 21 - Tribute to John Singleton

The South’s Marijuana ‘Green Rush’ Failing People of Color

Morgan State Music Major Shot Dead in Baltimore

Teen Girl Dies After Fight Outside of Texas Middle School

Florida Bill Will Force Formerly Incarcerated People to Pay Criminal Fines Before Voting

Los Angeles Boulevard Named in Honor of Barack Obama

California Police Department Calls Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib 'Un-American' on Twitter

Nipsey Hussle’s Community Devotion Defied Expectations

School Administrator on Leave After Using Permanent Marker to Fill in Black Student’s Haircut

Ep. 20 - Good news, Jay Z, and Ady Barkan

Episode 20 – Good news, Jay Z, and Ady Barkan

Virginia Juvenile Detention Educator Named National Teacher of the Year

Criminal Risk Assessment Algorithms Are as Biased as Their Creators

Nearly 100K Undocumented Students Graduate from US High Schools

People of Color in the US Should Brace for the Next Recession

Advocates and Family Demand Answers After NYPD Shoots Black Queer Man

Judge Charged with Helping Undocumented Immigrant Evade ICE Officer

Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Permit Marijuana Use in Public Housing

The Legacy of Ida B. Wells and the Struggle for Racial Justice at ‘Ole Miss’

Border Patrol Agents Find Child, Alone With Name Written on His Shoes

Celebrating the Legacy of Black Poet Joanne V. Gabbin

‘Investment Guru’ Mellody Hobson Seeks Johnson Publishing Company’s Historic Photo Archive

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Reward for Hospitals that Improve Maternal Health of Black Women

Hispanic Population Largest Among Growing Florida Electorate

Baltimore More than 10 Years After 'The Wire'

California Bill Bans Discrimination Against Natural Hairstyles

Serena Williams' Venture Capital Firm Invests in Women and People of Color

Ep. 19 - Do you even have the right to vote?

Episode 19 - Should incarcerated people be allowed to vote?

Joe Biden Announces Bid for the Democratic Nomination

Houston High School Issues Offensive Dress Code for Parents

Oversight and Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings Sued by Trump

Black Transgender Woman Announces Presidential Bid

#MeToo Founder Cuts Visit to Florida A&M University Short After Confrontation

New Report Proposes Bold Solutions for Fighting Wealth Disparity

Alabama Officer Suspended For Homophobic Comments About Teen Who Died By Suicide

Former Executive Calls Out CBS for their ‘White Problem’

NFL Players Visit US-Mexico Border to Learn About Migrant Crisis

Ep. 18 - #JusticeForLucca

Judge Rules US Government Can Be Sued for Flint Water Crisis

Senator Elizabeth Warren's Education Plan Will Help Fund HBCUs

Immigrants Working in the Marijuana Industry May Not Be Able to Attain US Citizenship

Texas Couple Sentenced to 7 Years For Enslaving Guinean Girl

Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris Promises Swift Action on Gun Control

Discrimination Is In The Air — Literally

Michigan Could Penalize Racists Who Make False 911 Calls on People of Color

Episode 18 - #JusticeForLucca

The Fight to End State Violence Against Black People in Brazil

University of Virginia Senior Creates Database of Latinx Student Groups

Officer Placed on Leave After Slamming, Punching Black Teen’s Head in Violent Video

Howard University to Local Residents: Keep Your Pets Off Our Campus

New Study Argues that LSAT Limits Black Student Enrollment in Law School

Yale University Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Black Woman in the Face

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Allows White Supremacist to Teach Classes

Tennessee Bill Targets Voter Registration Advocacy Groups

Resisting the Policing of our Pain Apologizes for Ad Romanticizing Slavery

Airport Body Scanners May be to Blame for Discrimination Against Black Women

Mumia Abu-Jamal Can Appeal Murder Charge, Philly Judge Says

Senator Cory Booker Calls for a ‘New Voting Rights Act’

Trump Admin Wants to Eliminate Housing Assistance for Undocumented Immigrants

Episode 17 - Spring Break

Ep. 17 - Spring Break

New York Bans ICE from Making Arrests in Court

The Daily Chemical Warfare on Black Women’s Bodies

Decades of Police Misconduct Files Destroyed in California

Black Wages Lag Despite US Economic Growth

Vanderbilt University's Library Defaced With Anti-Semitic Slurs

Poll Shows Women of Color Will Hold Elected Officials Accountable

Racist Rant at Texas AT&T Store Lands White Man in Jail

White Supremacist Sentenced to Life in Racially Motivated Road Rage Case

Black Couple Sues Colorado Police for Illegal Search

Developing Innovative Education for Students of Color

Hundreds of Migrants Detained in Tents in Texas

Missy Elliott Hints at Release of First Album in Over a Decade

Twenty Five Years after the Rwandan Genocide

North Dakota Tribal Leaders Demand Voting Rights

Frederick Douglass' Spirit Lives on in Gentrifying DC Neighborhood

Ep. 16 - Mueller, Mumia, and an Unarmed Woman Shot by Police

Episode 16 - Mueller, Mumia, and an Unarmed Woman Shot by Police

Legislators Call for End of Juvenile 'Debtor's Prisons'

ICE Deports Husband of Fallen Soldier, Then Reverses Decision

Beyoncé’s Reign as Queen Continues With Surprise Live Coachella Album

Black Chess Players Make Moves To Improve The Game

White Supremacist Sentenced to 10 Years After Attempting to Hire Hitman to Kill Black Neighbor

Wealthy San Francisco Residents Fight Against Homeless Shelter

Oprah Considers Opening an All-Girls School in the US

California School District Votes to Eliminate 'Dixie' From Its Name

Episode 15 - Mysonne, Singing at the Register, and Beyonce’s New Projects

Ep. 15 - Mysonne, Singing at the Register, and Beyonce’s New Projects

Aretha Franklin Wins Posthumous 2019 Pulitzer Prize

Police Investigate Attack of Transgender Woman in Dallas

Cuban Reggaeton and the Marginalization of Black Music

Facebook's Board of Directors Diversifies with Appointment of Peggy Alford

Algorithmic Accountability Act Will Force Companies to Check for Coded Bias

Judge Reopens Deportation Case Against 11-Year-Old Girl

Lawmakers Endorse Pell Grant Eligibility for the Incarcerated

Georgia’s Ethics Czar Threatens to Subpoena Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Records

Ep. 14 - How to Make Police Brutality Illegal – Part 3 of 3

Democrats Rally Around Congresswoman Omar after Right Wing Attacks

Barnard College Apologizes to Student Who was Racially Profiled at University Library

High School Prevents Senior from Wearing Native American Regalia During Graduation

10-Year-Old Boy Handcuffed By DC Police 'Totally Innocent' of Armed Robbery

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Detroit's Cash Bail System

Nipsey Hussle and the Creative Genius of Black Youth

Howard University Student Discovers Dietary History of New York’s Enslaved Africans

Congresswoman Advocates Ban on Immigration Agencies Contracting with Private Prisons

Episode 14: How to Make Police Brutality Illegal – Part 3

Ep. 13 - Graham v. Connor – Police Brutality is Legal – Part 2 of 3

Chicago Files Lawsuit Against Jussie Smollett for Investigation Costs

Member of Navajo Nation Announces Congressional Bid

Official Blasts NYC Housing Authority For Evicting Elderly Amputee

Georgetown University Students Vote to Establish Reparations Fund

Republicans Plan to Purge Voters in Arizona

New Bill Would Improve Access to Crucial Documents for the Formerly Incarcerated

Morehouse College Will Admit Transgender Men in 2020

Immigration Proposal Increases Wait Time For Asylum Seekers’ Work Permits

Episode 13: Police Brutality is Legal – Part 2

Ep. 12 - Tennessee v. Garner - Police Brutality is Legal - Part 1 of 3

Formerly Incarcerated Students Advocate For Reduced Suspensions and Expulsions

Democratic Congresswomen Introduce Legislation to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Police Arrest White Woman Who Defaced Oklahoma City With Racist Messages

New Veterans' Bills Prohibit Deportation and Improve Health Care

Making Black Lives Matter in America’s History Curriculum

Texas Tech Medical School Will No Longer Consider Race In Admissions

Democrats Move to End the Detention of Pregnant Migrant Women

NYC Teachers Federation Candidate Emphasizes Social Justice in Public Education

Episode 12: Police Brutality is Legal - Part 1

Women’s Retirement Protection Act Closes the Gap for Retirees

Oregon Senate Passes Bill Favoring Popular Vote

A Palm Sunday Reflection on America's Addiction to White Supremacy

LA's Last Black Enclave Under Threat of Gentrification

Twitter Praises Maxine Waters’ Handling of Mnuchin Hearing

Suspect Arrested in Arsons at Historic Black Churches in Louisiana

Eighth East LA Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Firebombing Black Homes

Senate Bill Would Make College Textbooks More Affordable

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Depicts Black Double Consciousness (Spoilers)

Trump Administration Says It Will Take Years To Reunite Separated Families

Viral Photo Shows Role of Women in Sudan Protests

Trump Administration Reverses Major League Baseball's Deal With Cuba

Native Americans Fight Trump’s Push For Pipelines Amid Crippling Floods

Iconic Johnson Publishing Company Files for Bankruptcy

Woman Threatens to Call ICE on Latina Food Vendor in Texas

Airbnb Bans Users Heading to White Nationalist Conference in Tennessee

Ep. 11 - Series Preview

Oprah Winfrey Donates $2 Million to Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

High School Students Launch Petition to Use the N-Word

Cory Booker Introduces Reparations Commission Bill

Congresswomen Launch Black Maternal Health Caucus

At Risk Communities Could Receive Funding Lifeline

#DontMuteDC Supports Go-Go Music Despite Neighborhood Complaints

Pew Survey Shows Race Relations Worse Under Trump

New Bill Aims to Stop Sexual Harassment in STEM

Ep. 10 - White domestic terrorist arrested for burning down Black churches

Brazilian Soldiers Shoot Black Musician 80 Times

Latino DREAMer Pays for College by Selling Tacos in California

Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Outlines His Agenda for Black Americans

Haitians Denounce Dominican Republic’s Birthright Citizenship Laws

Washington State Secretly Bans Books Donated to Prisoners

NYPD Claims Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Did Not Use Chokehold

Episode 10: White domestic terrorist arrested for burning down Black churches

Ep. 9 - Bloods & Crips unite, Magic Johnson steps down, and Cincinnati makes bold criminal justice moves

Hispanic Caucus Demands Reduction in Immigration Case Backlog

Campaign Demands Removal of Racist Mural in France

Officer Reprimanded After Making Inappropriate Comments To Black Girls

10-Year-Old Girl Killed in Likely Road Rage Incident

ICE Agents Arrest More Than 280 Employees at Texas Company

Baltimore City Council Urges Mayor to Resign  

Ep. 8 - Genocide at the American border

University Women’s Basketball Coach Face Allegations of Racism

Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar After Supporter Arrested For Death Threat

American University Students Condemn Use of N-Word

Bernie Sanders Supports Voting Rights for Incarcerated People

Motel 6 to Pay $12 Million After Sharing Guest Info with ICE

Zimbabweans Upset After Judges Spend $150K on Wigs

Ep. 7 - NYPD’s Chief Surgeon Lies & Says Eric Garner Was Never Even Choked

Feds Investigate Suspicious Fires at Historic Black Churches in Louisiana

Alabama Prison Conditions Are Unconstitutional, Justice Department Finds

For Black Students in Higher Education, Victory is in the Struggle

Jordan Peele’s 'Us' Reflects the Struggle for Black Liberation (Spoilers)

Navigating Blackness in a White World

Black Humanism In the Hood

New York Law Seeks to Abolish Cash Bail

Archivists Rush to Digitize Sierra Leone's Slavery Records

Ep. 6 - White privilege is murdering 9 people and having all of the charges dropped

Episode 6: White Privilege is Murdering 9 People and Having All of the Charges Dropped

Chicago Elects First Black Woman and Openly Gay Mayor

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the 1964 Harlem Uprising

Dallas Drops Felony Charge Against Black Woman Attacked By White Man

Inhumane Migrant Holding Pen Closed After Complaints from Civil Rights Groups

Houston Prosecutors Drop Assault Charges Against NFL Player Michael Bennett

Ep. 5 - When the Democratic Party Supports White Male Power

Episode 5: When the Democratic Party Supports White Male Power

'Second Step Act' Aims to Help Formerly Incarcerated Secure Employment

New Bill to Protect DREAMers’ Private Data

Baltimore Mayor Takes ‘Indefinite Leave of Absence’ After Children’s Book Scandal

Malcolm X’s Message for Today's Activists

White Power Symbol Found Near Fire at Historic Civil Rights Institution

Ep. 4 - A Eulogy for Nipsey Hussle

Episode 4: Grieving the Murder of Nipsey Hussle

Continuing Martin Luther King's Struggle for Justice

Second Woman Says Joe Biden Touched Her Inappropriately

Meet Wayne Messam, America’s Newest Presidential Candidate

Black Attorney Detained By Sheriff Who Didn’t Believe He Was A Lawyer

Lorraine Hansberry and the Pursuit of Black Liberation

Ep. 3 - Being sent back to prison, Facebook finally banning white supremacy, and why we must protect Ilhan Omar

Episode 3: Sent To Prison

Arizona Volunteers Create Underground Network to Help Migrants

Politics and the 2020 Elections: An Interview with Congressman Ro Khanna

Two Black Men in Florida Freed After 42 Years in Jail

Unpaid Interns Negatively Impact Diversity in Congress

Bill Aims to Ease Economic Disparities for Native Americans

Rapper, Community Advocate Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA

Episode 2: How We Make Radical Changes In America's Justice System

HUD Charges Facebook with Housing Discrimination

Seeking Justice for the Death of Latasha Walton

Food Stamp Fraud Is a Crime, But Not in the Way You Might Think

Donald Trump and the Rise of Global White Supremacy

Ep. 2 - How We Make Radical Changes in America’s Justice System

Facebook and Instagram Ban White Supremacist Content

Joe Biden Accused of Inappropriate Behavior by Former Assemblywoman

Black Lives Matter Claims Victory, But No Justice in LAPD Murder of Grechario Mack

A History of Black Women's Charitable Work in Baltimore

Maurice Bishop and the Legacy of the Grenadian Revolution

Poetry Performs as an Act of Civil Rights

Dominican Republic's Education Employee Fired After Launching Natural Hair Campaign

Black Women Who Made Medical History

New York's Loft Law Protects People of Color from Further Gentrification

Government Awards Grants To Native American Victims of Violence

Black Journalists Demand Diversity in CNN Leadership

W.E.B Du Bois and the Lingering Effects of Slavery

The Fight Continues After ICE Releases Flight Attendant with DACA

Celebrating Paul Robeson's Legacy of Art and Activism

Joe Biden Regrets the Handling of Anita Hill’s Hearings

Lead Poisoning: Biological Warfare and Environmental Racism

Cuban Immigrants Are Seeking Asylum at the US-Mexico Border

Mixed Race Identity in the US and Cuba

Blackface Beyond Black and White

Outrage in Pittsburgh Following Officer Acquittal in Antwon Rose II Murder

Criminal Charges Dropped Against ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett, Angering Authorities

Where are the Latinos on TV?

Supreme Court Debates Racial Discrimination in Mississippi Death Row Case

Crowdfunding Campaign Houses 8-Year-Old Chess Champion Refugee

Body of Activist Amber Evans Recovered from Ohio’s Scioto River

Do Reparations for Black People Make Sense?

Ep. 1 - Introduction to The Breakdown

Trump Administration Facing Backlash for Obstructing Asylum Seekers

‘Green Book’ Distorts Jim Crow Above the Mason Dixon Line

Florida’s Ex-Felons Must Pay Court Fees Before Voting

Lerone Bennett's Lessons For Today's Black Intellectuals

Trump Administration Allegedly Houses Immigrant Children in Clandestine Shelters

Colorado and Delaware Join States Favoring Electoral College Reforms

Mayor Ras Baraka Favors Universal Income for Newark Residents

Harvard Lawsuit Is ‘Precedent-Setting’ Case on History of Enslavement

New York May Put Legal Cannabis on the Back Burner

Thou Shalt Not Judge: Donald Trump's Judicial Legacy

House Introduces Equality Act for LGBTQ Rights

How The Incredible Black Superman Represents Us

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Abolish The Electoral College

How Two Black Pageant Queens Exposed the World’s Beauty Biases

Harvard Sued for Profiting from Photos of Enslaved People

New Jersey Teen Gets Accepted to 17 Colleges, Overcoming Homelessness

No Jail Time for Statue of Liberty Climber Patricia Okoumou

Pittsburgh Synagogue Raises Funds for New Zealand Victims

Suffragists Paved the Way for the First Black Female Mayor of Chicago

Mysterious Deaths of Ferguson Protesters Worry Activists

Washington State Governor Enacts Native American Voting Rights Act

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Rebuke GOP’s Vision for the Future

"No-Knock Warrants" and the Destruction of Civil Liberties

Georgia Rep's ‘Testicular Bill of Rights’ Challenges Restrictive Abortion Law

Central America Needs a ‘Marshall Plan,’ Julián Castro Says

Ending Police Violence By Changing the System

Trump Silent on White Supremacists in Breitbart Interview

A “Brownface” Incident Exposes Racism in Mexico

Australian Senator Blames Muslim Immigrants for New Zealand Mosque Attack 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants To ‘Push Forward With Reparations’

Kamala Harris Introduces Bill to Provide Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Public Housing

California Governor Halts Death Penalty

Congresswoman Backs New Bill that Seeks Reparations for Slavery

Oakland Plants Seeds for Community Ownership in Cannabis Industry

White Educator Removed from Teaching Black History Course

Black Employees Accuse UPS of Racism at Work

Winston-Salem Continues Nationwide Trend of Removing Confederate Monuments

Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith Cultivates Community

Meghan Markle and Britain's Obsession With Race

Trump's New Budget Guts Social Welfare Programs

Child Separations Continue as Pentagon Seeks Housing

'Conservative Yelp' Provides Safe Haven for Trump Supporters

9-year-old launches scholarship fund for women in STEM

American Higher Education Rattled By Admissions Scandal

Legal Rights for Sex Workers Liberate People of Color

Venezuelan Intelligence Services Detain Influential Journalist

Racists Do Not Deserve Forgiveness

‘Gardening While Black’ Lawsuit Reflects History of Food Justice Activism

James Baldwin’s Racial Critique Has Contemporary Relevance

US and Mexico Track Journalists and Immigration Advocates through Secret Database

Racism on the Rise in the Nation's Schools

House Approves Resolution to Condemn Hate in the Wake of Ilhan Omar's Comments

The Dream Defenders: Transforming to Serve

Haiti's Continued Struggle for Human Rights

Profiled At Home: Colorado Officer Harasses Black Homeowner

Down to the Roots: The Radical Politics of Reggae

Reparations on the Agenda for Presidential Hopefuls

Brazil’s Right-Wing President Faces Backlash After Explicit Tweets

Trump Appeals to Base by Celebrating the Nation’s Racist Past

Bernie Sanders: Define ‘Empowerment’ Before Reparations

San Francisco Uses Tech To Expunge Thousands of Unfair Marijuana Convictions

21 Savage’s Citizenship Saga and Becoming American

Anti-Semitism Resolution Reveals Deep Divide on Israel

Race and Representation in the Craft Community

Black Men Targeted in Civil Forfeiture Get Relief from State Legislature

Donald Trump is a Symptom of a Pre-existing Condition

No Charges for Police in Stephon Clark Murder

Twitter Trolls Trump's Promise of 'Unwavering Support' for Tornado Victims

Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye Makes His Stamp on History

Making American Democracy a Triumph of Equality

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Provide Hope for the Future

Black Farmers Are America's Future

Understanding Marco Rubio’s Ominous Tweets About Cuba and Venezuela

Frederick Douglass’s Radical Abolitionism for Our Times

Race and Historical Amnesia in 'Green Book'

The FBI's War Against Black Radicals

A New Generation of Soul: Durand Jones and The Indications

Masking Whiteness through Anti-Identity Politics

Disability and Self-Determination in Michelle Obama's 'Becoming'

How W.E.B. Du Bois Resisted Government Repression

Bennett College Stands Resilient in the Face of Accreditation Loss

Houston Rapper Releases Four Albums in One Day

Venezuela: Another US-sponsored coup in Latin America

The Politics of Contemporary Black Liberation

‘Green Book’ Appeases White Anxieties about Black Excellence

Spike Lee Wins First Oscar for 'BlacKkKlansman'

Challenging Lethal Policing in California

Prison Book Censorship Bars Liberation

R. Kelly Faces 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse

SCOTUS Decision Boosts Criminal Justice Reform

Boston White Supremacists Signal National Trend

White Professor Targets Black Girls Code

The Shared Histories of Black and Native Americans

Houston Teen Ignites Push for Gun Violence Prevention

When Racism and Fashion Collide

Governor Ralph Northam Can't Erase Slavery

Black Hair Triumphs in NYC Hair Discrimination Ban

Blackface: White Racist Fantasy

Jussie Smollett Can't Destroy Black History Month

The Mysterious Prison Death of Anthony Myrie

Black History Month in Donald Trump’s America

Immunity for Police Means Despair for Korryn Gaines' Family

Standing on Principle: Colin Kaepernick's NFL Settlement

Black and Brown Women Save The World

Sixth Grader stands up by sitting down for Pledge of Allegiance

W.E.B. Du Bois and Liberation Journalism

Ida B. Wells Drive: More Than a Street

The Legacy of Frederick Douglass and The North Star

Confronting Racism at a Long Island Middle School


Welcome to the North Star!

Veterans Affairs' Childcare Amendment Targets Employees With Drug Convictions

Black Women and A Legacy of Direct Action

Black Men and the Politics of Hair

Nooses Are Not 'Back to school necklaces'

Before Kaepernick Took a Knee: Ferguson's NFL Protests



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Medicare for All: A Cure for Healthcare Injustice

The Myth of a Colorblind King

A Shared Legacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

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How We Lost Affirmative Action

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