Episode 54 - Trump Crossed a Bright Red Line + Action Steps

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Transcript: Today is a full day and we’re going to jump in head first. I don’t mention Trump’s name much on this podcast, but last night he crossed an urgent red line that I need us to talk about. Then I wanna tell you about two brilliant new candidates for Congress. And I’ll close today with a big update on the law we’re trying to pass together and how you can still join us at TheBreakdownCrew.com. Let’s dig in. This is Shaun King and you are listening to (The Breakdown)! ---- It’s easy to have Trump fatigue in this nation. According to the Washington Post, he’s now told over 10,000 lies since he was elected. That’s more in two and a half years than in the entire lifetime of every other politician ever measured. He’s habitually offensive, and problematic, and his policies are regularly destructive. But I need us to understand that he’s still powerful. He’s still President of the United States. He still occupies that office and has billions of dollars of resources at his disposal.

That’s why something that he tweeted last night has me deeply concerned. You may recall that when he was running for president, Trump openly stated that he planned on “rounding up” over 14 million undocumented immigrants and deporting them. It was when he said this that Holocaust survivors began comparing his threats to that of Hitler. Well, last night he tweeted that “Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States.” Several experts have stated that Trump, and fellow white supremacist Stephen Miller, have been working on this plan for months, and that it was a refusal to act on this plan that caused several senior staffers to be fired earlier this year. I read over a dozen different reports this morning about Trump’s threat from last night, and about half of the analysts think he’s just telling lies to stoke up his base.

Trump’s campaign for reelection does indeed kickoff tonight in Orlando – and his white supremacist base loves when he degrades and threatens immigrants – so he could very well be just saying this to get his bigoted base riled up. But the other half of the analysts think that Trump could actually be starting some type of mass deportation program next week. Here’s the thing – the fact that we don’t know, and that the President of the United States may or may not be planning a massive deportation program of millions of people – is utterly disturbing.We already know that this administration has deliberately separated parents from their children. This past week we learned about the youngest child, an infant boy named Constantin who was forcefully taken from his mother and father and sent to an orphanage in Michigan while the parents were sent to detention centers in Texas. The father said that he refused to get on the plane without his baby boy, and that ICE officers said they were bringing him on, only for the plane to take off without his son. Both the mother and the father had to be treated for mental health breakdowns as a result.

This is what our nation has become. So when the President tweets that he’s about to begin using ICE to forcefully deport millions of people, we should openly expect it to be violent and dangerous and cruel. Millions of children in this nation are American citizens, but their parents are not. The children were born here and are documented American citizens. Are you going to deport parents of babies, of school children, and leave the children behind?Millions of undocumented adults have lived here since they were little kids – some for twenty, thirty, forty years. Are they going to be deported? What if ICE arrives at a home to deport people and only some of the family is home, what happens?

Do you hear what we’re talking about? We’re talking about armed government agents going through homes and businesses to round up people and deport them. This is not okay.I’m tracking this story very closely and will update as I hear more, which brings me to our next story for today. (Music interlude)

One of my favorite political groups in the nation is a group called Justice Democrats. In the previous election cycle they endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they endorsed Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, Pramila Jayapal, and others. To be clear, the six people I just named are six of the most courageous leaders in the world right now. They are brilliant, and they were all endorsed by the Justice Democrats. Over the past week, they’ve endorsed their first two new candidates for Congress in 2020, and they are both amazing.

The first is Jessica Cisneros, who is running deep in Texas, to unseat Trump’s favorite Democrat. A man who has literally voted with Donald Trump over 70% of the time, but claims to represent his district. He doesn’t. Let me play you a clip from her new ad. (Audio Clip) When you can, please follow and support Jessica. Consider donating to her campaign, even if it’s just $5, and amplify her message. You can check her out now at JessicaCisnerosForCongress.com and on Twitter @JCisnerosTX. Earlier today, the Justice Democrats endorsed a brilliant lifelong educator and school principal from The Bronx named Jamaal Bowman. Like Jessica in South Texas, Jamaal is trying to unseat a problematic Democrat who is out of step with his constituents. Jamaal is one of my favorite new candidates for all of 2020. There is nobody like him in Congress.

Let me play you a clip from his new ad as well. (Audio) Last week, Jessica Cisneros raised over $100,000 online to get her started. I need us to help Jamaal Bowman do the same thing, okay? Every little bit counts. You can follow him on Twitter @JamaalBowmanNY and check him out online at BowmanForCongress.com. Which brings me to our final segment for today – our Action Steps. (ACTION STEPS MUSIC) Yesterday we announced that we are forming a full ACTION TEAM, and we need each of you to join us. You can join us right now at TheBreakdownCrew.com. It’s a simple form, just go now to TheBreakdownCrew.com and we’ll be sending you all of our action steps and plans, ok? The first action step we’re taking together is nearly impossible, but you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, right? New York now has just 24 hours left before its legislature shuts down for the summer, and we’re trying to lobby the New York legislature to finally legalize marijuana in the state. It’s the first time in generations that Democrats have controlled the entire state government of New York. They promised to do this, but now that it’s crunch time, they are coming up short. So, as soon as you can, sign up for our Action Steps team at TheBreakdownCrew.com and we’re going to email you and tell you exactly how you can help today, okay? We need you! ----- Thank you all for making it all the way through this episode of The Breakdown! If you haven’t already subscribed to our podcast, we’ll be right back here every single weekday, breaking down important news stories and issues, and we’d love for you to subscribe on your favorite podcast apps like Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Please share this podcast with your friends and family. Our next goal is to get to 100,000 subscribers and we won’t get there without you! Have you left a review yet? On Apple Podcasts we now have over 8,000 5 star reviews, but we’re aiming for 10,000 – so we still want to hear from you so please leave your best review when you get time. Thank you so much to the nearly 30,000 founding members of The North Star whose generosity even makes this podcast possible. Love y’all and appreciate you so much. If you love this podcast and want to support our work – or want to see the show notes and transcript for each episode – we’d love it if you considered becoming a founding member of our community at TheNorthStar.com. There we not only have our podcasts, but hundreds of original articles and stories and commentaries from some of the leading scholars and thinkers and journalists in the world. Lastly, a shout out to our Associate Producer Lyssandra and Podcasting Director and Senior Producer, Willis, for their hard work on this and every episode. Take care everybody. ----- Credits: Produced by Willis Polk II Additional Instrumentation by Christian “Idrys” Shannon, Lance “Lance Fur” Powlis, Markeith Black & Smok Tagous Additional Engineering by Amond “AJ” Jackson for Salem Psalms Library Additional Vocals by Garnett “Natti” Bush & Jason Coffey Scratches by Kenny “DJ FlipFlop” Vanderberg Contains elements from "The Prodigal" by JustMe