Racist Rant at Texas AT&T Store Lands White Man in Jail

A viral video captured a man on a racist tirade against an employee at an AT&T store outside of Houston, Texas on Monday, April 15. Joey Derek Christian, 38, of Pasadena, Texas was recorded walking into a store in Friendswood, then yelling at an employee, KPRC 2 reported. The video was recorded by another customer and posted to Twitter by Mo, the employee whom Christian yelled at.

"What’s your name? Mo?" Christian is heard asking. "Yes, sir," the employee said. "What the [expletive] kind of name is that?" Christian responded. "What is your actual real name? Mo what?" The employee replies that his name is Mohammad. Christian then walked away, saying, "[Expletive] Arab. Goddamn [expletive] Arabs."

The woman recording the video then approaches Christian about his racism and attitude toward the employee. Christian responded, "You know what? I really don’t give a [expletive] what some bitch has to say."

"I really don’t give a s— about some goddamn Arab that I’ve been killing their goddamn kind for [expletive] six months. Actually two years. Six months in the last country I was in," he said. "Because I've been killing his kind for longer than you’ve probably been alive. His kind, I’ve been killing for almost 20 years.” The video ends with the woman telling Christian that she called the police and Christian leaving the store, where a police officer is outside. Christian was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, according to KPRC 2. He was released from jail and must pay $682 in fines, but does not have to appear in court, according to the news station. On April 8, Christian was arrested for his second DWI offense, police told the news station.

The video clip on Twitter already has over 3.8 million views and 35,500 retweets. Mo told ABC13 that he tried to remain calm while Christian was yelling at him and thanked the customer in the store who called the police and recorded the video. "That lady was a blessing. She called the cops, she gave me the video, and without her, I think he would have got away free," he said.

Mo told Insider that he had previously told Christian’s nephew that he could not process a credit card for a new phone service without a state ID. Christian reportedly came into the store “angry and yelling,” and cut a customer in line. "I was definitely offended and angry that I got singled out because of my race," Mo told the publication. "He definitely came in to pick a fight from the very beginning and I had never seen this man before."

Ambreen Hernandez, the development and outreach coordinator for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), commended the customer who recorded the incident. “We praise the bystander who recorded the entire incident and called authorities,” Hernandez told The North Star. “She just remained brave throughout the entire situation.”

Hernandez added that Christian should not have gotten away so easily. CAIR will be following up with authorities for a full investigation of the incident, she noted. “This case should be taken seriously since the perpetrator has a history of DUI’s,” Hernandez said. “This was just a slap on the wrist and this needs to be taken more seriously.”

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