Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issues Rodney Reed a stay of Execution

Not long after the Texas Parole Board voted unanimously to recommend a 120-day stay of execution for death row inmate Rodney Reed, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued Reed a stay of execution on Friday, The Appeal's Kira Lerner tweeted.

Prior to the court's decision, it would have been up to Governor Greg Abbott to either heed the board’s recommendation or ignore it and proceed with Reed’s execution, which was planned for November 20.

Abbot's decision on a stay is no longer required.

“I have tears streaming down my cheeks,” Andrew MacRae, one of Mr. Reed’s lawyers told The New York Times after learning of the parole board's recommendation.

Court's decision comes just days after a rally for Reed was held in Austin this past weekend that included Austin mayor Steven Adler and Texas House Member Vikki Goodwin.

"The court decided to consider "false testimony, and actual innocence claims," according to the proclamation.

"After reviewing the application, we find that Applicant’s Brady, false testimony, Reed and actual innocence claims satisfy the requirements of Article 11.071 § 5. Accordingly, we remand those claims to the trial court for further development," the proclamation read.

Reed was convicted of the murder of Stacey Stites back in 1993 in Bastrop, Texas, but much of the case against him is under dispute. DNA evidence found on Stripes matched Reed and led to his conviction. However, Reed acknowledged a clandestine affair he was having with Stites that would explain the presence of his DNA. The claim of an affair has been corroborated, say Reed’s attorneys. Reed’s attorneys have also disputed the timeline of the murder.