Walmart Cashier Who Walked Miles to Work Given Car After Story Goes Viral

After years of walking or relying on co-workers for rides to and from work, 52-year-old Anita Singleton will not have to worry about how she will get to her cashier job at a Louisiana Walmart. Singleton was gifted with a 2014 Chevrolet Captiva SUV after her story went viral.

The cashier’s story went viral after Slidell Police Officer Bradley Peck saw her walking near Highway 11 at 5:30 a.m. on her way to the Walmart superstore on Northshore Boulevard, six miles away. Peck offered Singleton a ride to work and the two spoke about religion and their blessings, WWL-TV reported.

Singleton told Peck that her job, which she has had for three years, was a blessing, despite having to walk so far to get there. “I thank God every day when I put my key in the door,” Singleton told the officer, according to his account on Slidell Police's Facebook page. “So I have to keep going to work no matter what.”

“That brief moment of me getting to spend some time with her made my day so much better,” Peck wrote. “I don’t think she knows how much hope she gave me and valuable life lesson she taught me. Walmart Slidell- Northshore Blvd y’all seem to have a pretty solid employee.” The moving story prompted Peck to email WWL-TV, where Singleton was featured on May 21. Her story quickly went viral, reaching Matt Bowers, a local car dealer.

“I made the decision that it was the right thing to do on behalf of the community to give Anita Singleton a car — and car insurance and pay for the tax and registration so she can spend more time with her friends and family instead of spending it walking to work each day,” Bowers told WHAS 11. Peck picked Singleton up from work at the end of her shift on May 22 and drove her to Bowers’ Chevrolet dealership. “If we can all just model our work ethic after Ms. Anita,” Peck said, “I think our employers and bosses would be happy.”

Singleton told reporters that “the good Lord” sent Peck to pick her up that fateful morning, reported. “I’m so grateful to Mr. Bowers and his fine organization. I am so grateful for everything that God has graced me,” Singleton said. The 52 year old spent about 30 minutes choosing between two vehicles: a white 2014 Chevrolet Captiva SUV and a burgundy Chevrolet Traverse, reported. Singleton, who said she had not owned a vehicle in 10 years, appeared overwhelmed by the generosity. “They’re beautiful — absolutely awesome. I love it,” she said. In the end, she chose the Captiva.

Bowers called the hardworking grandmother a great woman and added that everyone can make a difference. “I believe that we serve a higher moral authority and if you believe in that — you can make a difference,” he tweeted. “Cool moment. Great lady. Our sense of community is what makes South Louisiana special. I’m happy that we can share that.” Singleton sent WWL reporter Erika Ferrando a celebratory photo of her with her new car on May 23. “I am enjoying my day immensely reading My Owner’s Manual!” she wrote.

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