Police Arrest White Woman Who Defaced Oklahoma City With Racist Messages

A woman was arrested on Thursday for defacing multiple properties with hateful and racist graffiti in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma, police said. In a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday, the Norman Police Department confirmed the arrest of Allison Johnson, 45, on a complaint of terroristic threats. Police said Johnson was connected to recent vandalism incidents in Norman and Oklahoma City. She was booked into Cleveland County Detention Center and bond has not been set, police said. An investigation is ongoing,

On April 9 and 10, Johnson allegedly painted swastikas and anti-Semitic epithets on the Firehouse Art Center, McKinley Elementary School, and the Cleveland County Democratic Party headquarters in Norman were allegedly defaced by Johnson, Tulsa World previously reported.

In a case report reviewed by BuzzFeed News, the police department also said Johnson allegedly wrote remarks like “Gas the Jews,” “Obama [racial expletive] Jew,” “Nazi no chink allowed” and “Every race but white,” on the establishments. “Investigators believe the alleged suspect for all three incidents is the same suspect believed to be involved in similar incidents” elsewhere in Oklahoma City, Norman Police said in a statement to Tulsa World.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect, who is believed to be Johnson, spray-painting sayings like, “I would be scared because every race will be gassed. Every race but white will die... This WILL happen" over the past month, according to the police report obtained by BuzzFeed News. The report also stated that Johnson is involved with a “Trump 2020” vandalism in the area.

Johnson reportedly turned herself in to police on Thursday, according to BuzzFeed. She reportedly told officers the messages were intended to “to scare Jewish people, and people of different races other than white.” The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Texoma praised law enforcement for arresting Johnson in a statement on Facebook. They also urged officials to investigate the incidents as a hate crime.

“ADL applauds teamwork of @OKCPD & @normanokpd on locating a suspect in recent racist and anti-Semitic vandalism incidents & urges investigation as hate crime,” ADL wrote on Friday.

The vandalism is similar to the graffiti that was spray-painted outside the Oklahoma City Democratic Party building that was discovered in March. Employees of the building in Oklahoma City reported spray-painted drawings of neo-Nazi messages, swastikas, and death threats in the parking lot and on the main entrance of the building, KFOR previously reported. Some of the messages also read “Gas the Jews.”

Following the incident at its headquarters, the Oklahoma Democratic Party posted a photo of the graffiti along with a statement on Twitter thanking the community for their support.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party is devastated by the recent hate crime attack at our headquarters this morning. We appreciate the outpouring of support for this cowardly act as the community comes together to denounce hate and bigotry,” wrote in the statement.

In November, the FBI released its annual data on hate crimes, which found that hate crimes rose for a third straight year. In 2017, hate crimes increased 17 percent, according to the report. Incidents targeting individuals based on race or ethnicity made up 59.6 percent, and nearly 49 percent of incidents involving race were "motivated by anti-Black or African American bias," according to the data. The report also found that 58 percent of attacks motivated by religion attacked Jewish individuals.

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