White Mississippi Police Officer Charged with Killing Black Mother

A white police officer from Mississippi has been charged with the murder of a Black mother. Matthew Kinne, a police officer with the Oxford Police Department, was charged with the murder of 32-year-old Dominque Clayton, WHBQ-TV reported. Clayton was in her home alone on Saturday, May 18, while her four children were with their uncle for the night, according to the news station. Clayton's 8-year-old son found her dead on Sunday morning.

Officials told WHBQ-TV that Clayton was shot in the back of the head. Her sister, Shyjuan Clayton, told the news station that Clayton was having an affair with Kinne, who is married and has a family. Shyjuan said Kinne had become possessive. "She was having an affair with Matt, the police officer with OPD," Shyjuan told WHBQ-TV. "[He was] real possessive and stalking her... kept sneaking in her house I guess he did this so he wouldn’t have to tell the wife. He bought my sister a car and kept it in his name. He was about to get her a house. He just basically didn’t want his wife to find out."

The police officer was arrested for the death of the mother of four on May 20, the Associated Press reported. He was terminated from his position as a police officer on May 21, WHBQ-TV reported. Kinne became a police officer in Mississippi in November 2006 and was named Oxford Police Department’s Mounted Officer of the Year in 2018, WMC5 reported. Jeff McCutchen, interim chief of the Oxford Police Department, told WBREG-TV that the investigation was turned over to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

"We want to assure you that we will not hide behind our badge," McCutchen said. “Our hearts go out to the family of Dominique Clayton. To the family, we thank you for your patience and your trust in us to see this through.” During his court appearance on Wednesday, May 22, Clayton’s relatives were upset that court officials discussed possible bail for Kinne, the AP reported. The victim’s mother, Bessie Clayton, said that bond would not be considered if a Black man had committed this kind of crime.

“They are allowing the killer to decide his bond!” Bessie Clayton told the AP. “That man came through the bushes while he was on duty and walked in behind my daughter’s home, put a bullet in the back of her ... head and executed her. And they laughed. They should discuss with him what his bond should be? We need help in Oxford! We need intervention in Oxford!”

McCutchen told the AP that Kinne “needs to be in jail.” “We are with the Clayton family,” McCutchen told the publication. “We don’t support a bond. Matthew Kinne committed murder and we don’t want him out.” The Oxford Police Department declined further comment to The North Star and deferred any questions to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation did not respond in time for publication.

Earlier this month, the violent death of a Black woman from Texas went viral on social media after she resisted arrest. The Baytown Police Department said in a Facebook statement that an unidentified officer was on patrol at an apartment complex in Baytown, Texas on May 13 when they encountered Pamela Shantay Turner, 44. The officer reportedly knew the woman had outstanding warrants, CNN previously reported.

Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris said in a statement that the officer attempted to arrest Turner. A struggle ensued, which led the officer to deploy his Taser. As the officer attempted to handcuff Turner, she used the Taser on him, which led the officer to fire his gun multiple times at Turner. Dorris said Turner was hit by one bullet and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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