Black Transgender Woman Announces Presidential Bid

A transgender woman from Ohio has become the second LGBTQ presidential candidate for the 2020 election. Cheviot, Ohio resident Pamela Rocker announced she was running for president earlier this year and filed her “Statement of Candidacy” with the Federal Elections Commission for the 2020 election as a Democrat in April, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Rocker, 35, would be the first transgender Black female president in history. She released a campaign video at the beginning of this year and said that she was running for president to create “awareness and visibility” for transgender people of color.

“Even the white man should be tired of the white man running and ruining this country,” Rocker said in the video. “Since its very existence, our founding fathers really saw the brightest and the best for our country, and that’s equality for all.” The presidential hopeful told The Cincinnati Enquirer that she has never run for office before and is currently unemployed, but was inspired to run after President Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

"I just didn't want to sit on the sidelines," she said. "I was unhappy with the outcome of the 2016 election. Hillary, she inspired me. She lit something inside me. She opened the door for women and trans women of color to run." If elected president, Rocker would lift the federal ban on marijuana and give every household in the country a free car called the Freedom Car, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. Her platform also includes issuing monetary reparations to the descendants of enslaved people. Prospective Democratic nominees including Julián Castro and Marianne Williamson have also voiced their support for this on their platforms.

Rocker has continued to make her voice heard on social media through videos posted on to the Greater Cincinnati Politics Facebook page. Her last speaking event was at a Transgender Day of Visibility event in March. "I want them to know I will fight for the American people," Rocker told The Cincinnati Enquirer. "I will fight to rebuild our reputation around the world and be more hospitable to immigration and stuff like that."

Rocker is not the only LGBTQ candidate running for President. Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, officially announced his candidacy for president earlier this month. Buttigieg, a devout Episcopalian, has called out Vice President Mike Pence for his views on gay marriage. During an LGBTQ Victory Fund National Champagne Brunch in Washington, DC earlier this month, the mayor said that his marriage has made him a “better human being,” CBS News previously reported.

"I can tell you, that if me being gay was a choice, it was a choice that was made far, far above my pay grade," he said. "And that's the thing I wish the Mike Pences of the world could understand, that if you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator." Like Rocker, Buttigieg also said he would sign a bill that would begin a study of reparations if elected.

“I believe an agenda for Black Americans needs to include five things that all of us care about: homeownership, entrepreneurship, education, health, and justice,” Buttigieg said during the National Action Network’s conference in New York, NPR previously reported.

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