Episode 90 - They made them get off of the ship

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Last night something truly despicable happened. With estimates that 70,000 people in the Bahamas are now homeless, evacuations have begun. In parts of the nation, it looks like it was hit by an atomic bomb. Estimates are coming in that they expect the death toll to rise by the thousands.

To get into the United States from The Bahamas, you don’t need a visa, just a passport and a police record. So last night, hundreds of people — men, women, and children — boarded a ferry to Fort Lauderdale only to be ordered off. They were told, by the US Customs and Border Patrol.

And I’ll close today’s episode telling you about the selfie Lindsay Graham took yesterday with a notorious white supremacist.

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I love local investigative reporters. In Miami, Brian Entin, who works for Channel 7 News, traveled to The Bahamas to cover the relief efforts, and last night, he witnessed something truly horrible.

Let me play his news segment for you.

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It’s heartbreaking. Now last night, ship officials told passengers — and investigative reporter Brian Entin — that they were ordered by US Customs and Border Patrol to make everyone without a visa disembark from the ferry. This morning, the Border Patrol disputes it, but it’s pretty hard for us to take the word of one of the most notoriously racist agencies of our government. Saying that it was a business decision for the Baleària ferry company makes little sense because they were making the trip no matter what. It operates that ferry service daily in The Bahamas.

What we have seen since the day Trump took office are policies and actions, particularly toward immigrants of color, that inflict cruelty on them just for the sake of cruelty. That’s not speculation — they’ve openly admitted that their policy of detaining and separating families at the border, sometimes then deporting parents back to their countries of origin, then shipping their detained children off to group homes and orphanages in the United States is meant to be cruel. Stephen Miller and other US officials have said that such cruel crimes against humanity were done, “as a deterrent” for future refugees.

Let me translate that for you. What they mean is that they are aiming to be so cruel and so vile that it will terrify future refugees from attempting to make the trip themselves. That’s what they mean. And they don’t dispute it.

So of course they would order people with the legally required documentation off of the boat by changing the requirement of what they need for no apparent reason, other than cruelty.

I am speaking later today to officials in the Bahamas and here in the United States to determine exactly what we can do to help. They’re going to need our support not just today, but for weeks, months, and even years to come.

Which brings me to our final story for today.

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White supremacy is rising and growing all over the world. It’s not just Trump. It’s not just in the United States. Open bigots are running for office everywhere — and are frequently winning — and they are feeding off of each other’s energy. And one of the most despised bigots in the world is a man named Geert Wilders — an open white supremacist and Islamophobe who ran for Prime Minister of The Netherlands and lost, but got real support. He has called for a ban on all new mosques, said that Muslim women should be fined for wearing religious headscarves, said that the Quran should be banned, that he hates Islam, and more.

This weekend, in Italy, at a European security conference, Geert Wilders proudly posted a picture with South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, saying he was glad to have just had a good meeting with Graham. And they both appear to be elated to be in each other’s presence. But it appears that Lindsay Graham begged Geert Wilders to delete the photo, because after widespread criticism of Graham for posing with a white supremacist, Wilders deleted it.

Either way, it further exposes Lindsay Graham and the Republican Party for who and what they truly are — open white supremacists.

Which brings me to our Action Step for today!

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Nearly 50,000 of you have signed up to help us Flip The Senate, and if you have not already done so, please sign up now at HowWeFlipTheSenate.com and follow us @FlipTheSenate on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Because we’re not only challenging Lindsay Graham, but we’re going to be challenging Senators for 25 different seats. And we’re about to announce our next round of endorsements and we need all hands on deck.


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