Episode 106 - We’re In a Constitutional Crisis

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This week Donald Trump took what I think is the single most dangerous, problematic action of his entire presidency. It’s a constitutional crisis.

He must be impeached. Let me unpack and explain it.

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Donald Trump should be impeached.

As you may know, the majority of Americans now believe he should be impeached.

Right now, a majority of the members of the House support what we call an impeachment inquiry. In legal terms, the impeachment inquiry is basically like convening a grand jury to review the case against Trump.

But on Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump did something that truly shocked me. And listen, it’s hard to shock me at this point, but Trump is an altogether different beast.

He issued a formal letter on Tuesday simply stating that he will not be participating in the impeachment process. He won’t be turning over the documents that Congress requests. He won’t attend any hearings. And he has now advised his own team, including members of his administration and members of his own personal staff out of the White House to not participate in any hearings.

It’s unprecedented. Never in American history has a President of the United States simply looked at Congress and said I will no longer do anything you ask me to do.

I’ve said this a thousand times on the show across the years, but I have to say it again…

It’s hard to know a moment in history when you are in it. History is hard to see and understand when you are in the middle of it. Just like it’s hard to understand the size and scope of a storm when you are in your house because you lack the perspective needed to see the whole storm, history is the same way.

Right here, right now, our nation just pivoted away from democracy to a form of dictatorship. That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being fancy with my words.

At the point in which the President of the United States does what Trump did this week, flat out saying he will not participate in any impeachment inquiry requests from Congress — we are facing a Constitutional crisis.

Now we knew this was coming. But where we are right now — it’s different. By denying the requests of Congress, Trump is obstructing justice. That’s illegal, but he has now said — and his Justice Department has said — that you cannot indict a sitting President. They are basically saying that the President of the United States is above accountability. That he can do whatever he wants and that he can extend that to whoever he wants.

And here’s where we are. Congress should begin holding anyone and everyone who refuses to participate in contempt, and should immediately jail them as a result. But it appears they don’t wanna do this. Perhaps they are afraid it’s going to set off a violent conflict or that it will escalate matters so severely that it will plunge our nation into a problematic place, but it has to happen.

Every day, Trump is pushing the envelope, and lowering the bar for what he can get away with.

I don’t have time to break it down, but what it he did this week with the Kurds, giving Turkey permission to invade Syria, is one of the most cowardly despicable moves in modern American history.

What Trump did on phone calls with Ukraine about Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden — using his office and the power of the presidency to get a foreign government to investigate a political rival — is not just wrong, it’s illegal. It fully appears that Trump was withholding foreign aid to Ukraine until they agreed to an investigation. This is extortion.

And earlier this week, when Congress ordered Trump’s ambassador to come and testify about it, Trump then ordered the Ambassador not to testify. That’s also obstruction of justice.

This is where we are.

It’s gotten to the point where I truly wonder if this man lost the election, if he’d even step down then. He regularly alludes to wanting to be in office for longer than 2 terms.

The man is dangerous.

Congress must fully use all of their authorities on impeachment, and they must begin immediately.


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