This week the team at The North Star covered Donald Trump's meeting with neo-nazi Nick Fuentes, Justice Ketanji Brown's first Supreme Court ruling, and…
In her first opinion since being elected to the Supreme Court, Justice Ketanji Brown opposed the execution of death row inmate Davel Chinn. Weeks later…
Ep. 719 - Hundreds of brilliant students in Brooklyn need our help to study abroad in Africa. Let's do this!Listen now (9 min) | So often, we help families after their loved ones have been killed. THIS IS DIFFERENT.⁣ ⁣ We are going to help send HUNDREDS of…
(ALL HANDS ON DECK) Let's help send hundreds of Brooklyn students to study abroad for 6 weeks in South AfricaWatch now (4 min) | Without our support, this life-changing study abroad program may not survive, but together WE ARE STRONG! Let's do this!!
Ep. 718 - The #1 reason Republicans refuse to denounce Donald Trump for dining with a Neo-Nazi bigotListen now (15 min) | As you no doubt heard by now, last week Donald Trump literally dined with one of the single most disgusting bigots in the country…
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104: Resilience and Grit Are KeyListen now (55 min) | Have you ever been hit with an obstacle on your wealth journey and were unsure of the one thing you need to recover? We have the…
This week the team at The North Star covered developments in the Georgia senate runoff, updates in the case of Rayshard Brooks, and more pressing…
(LISTEN) Donald Trump just dined with a literal Neo-Nazi and white supremacist. It's a dangerous normalization and escalation of bigotry in…Listen now (12 min) | When Neo-Nazis and white supremacists get normalized and mainstreamed in America, it is a dangerous pre-cursor of things to come.
(LISTEN) The one solution for sports teams owned by open bigots :: Episode #716 of The Breakdown with Shaun KingListen now (13 min) | Yesterday we learned that Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, stood alongside white segregationists to prevent Black students from…
HOLD UP! Herschel Walker just admitted on his taxes that his primary residence is in Texas. Episode #715 of The Breakdown with Shaun KingListen now (14 min) | It's ridiculous that this man is even allowed to run for the Senate in Georgia when his 2022 taxes show that Texas is his primary…
27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was murdered by Atlanta police in June of 2020. Senator Raphael Warnock was a major justice advocate in the case.