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Shaun, don’t hate to speak the truth. I posted a comment with Donny Rose, who also speaks the truth on this matter. I wish it was not the case, but it would is true. Keith is a loser and supporter of the racist way. Even though he toned it down later, his initial reaction was to call the African American athlete a “Fucking Idiot.” I am sick of this country’s way of trying to demean African Americans! She gave Caitlyn a piece of what she was giving to everyone else. Apparently she can do it because she is white. Where was the outrage when Caitlyn did the same thing to Louisville? Caitlyn is a really good player, but she got beat by a better team. Shades of 1979 (Magic and Bird). The women’s basketball game does not get much respect. Maybe now it will. It is too bad that racism must show itself all of the time. But, when it is allowed at the highest level of our society, it will continue to fester and grow as the cancer that it is. Much respect to Ms. Reese and LSU. Much respect to Donny and to you for speaking the truth!

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