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“And again, I have not been able to track down any white musical guests on any late-night show that has performed a song bragging about committing murder and grand larceny.

The inequity lies in the consumption of murder-tainment sold in the mainstream marketplace, created exclusively by Black people for white-owned record companies and mostly white audiences. 21 Savage was called out on Twitter for his hypocrisy after tweeting that he wished violence would end in the community, while at the same time releasing music that details how, where and why to murder Black men.

I’m not suggesting that a decrease in white folks consuming Black death will prevent gun violence, nor that rap music necessarily plays a role in perpetuating and encouraging Black gun-related deaths.”

So … I don’t see the rationale for NOT pinning fair blame upon the consumption and production of violent rap lyrics for the proliferation of gun violence in Black communities. Explain why you’re tip toeing. For whom and/or for what? Glorification and literal worship of violence is real - by beholding we become changed! I can’t move the radio dial fast enough past a rap/hip hop station to MISS some lyrics. And if it’s politically incorrect to connect dots between the offensive language and the persisting criminal violent streak among young minds feasting on these lyrics, then the community has got more issues than I imagined!

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