Sandy Still Speaks: Remembering Sandra Bland

On July 13, 2015, Sandra Bland died in Waller County Jail. The dashcam video of her apprehension and arrest, which had taken place three days earlier, went viral. It captures every second of the verbal violence and physical brutality she experienced at the hands of (former) Texas Department of Public Safety Officer Brian Encinia. It also reveals how she boldly expressed her rights and dignity as a Black woman by contesting Encinia’s provocations. “What’s wrong?” he pointedly asked. “You ok?” He then acidly replied, “Are you done [talking]?” He continued to push: “You mind putting out your cigarette, please?” When Bland insisted that she could smoke a cigarette in her car, and asked why she was being arrested, Encinia grabbed her, pulled her out of the car, drew his Taser, and screamed, “I will light you up!”

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