Oct 23 • 22M

Ep. 823 - Some of the craziest few days of my life

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The North Star
A daily podcast from Shaun King, unpacking stories of injustice, racism and corruption, including action steps for meaningful change.
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The genocide of Palestinians from the hands and bombs of Israel and the United States is still fully in motion. Which makes me taking this episode to talk about myself frustrating, but for my own record, I must document what went down.

I was the #1 trending topic in the United States after people first lied and said I took sole credit for freeing the American hostage, Natalie Raanan. That never happened. It's a complete fabrication. Quite the opposite, I said I was one of dozens of people that helped behind the scenes. Then the lie pivoted from me saying I took sole credit to people saying I never helped at all and made the whole thing up. Thankfully, my attorneys advised me ahead of time to keep records of every text, DM, and phone call I made about this.

Then, yesterday, the Israeli military literally released a video of propaganda about me. All of this tells me one thing: what we are doing to fight for Palestinians is clearly seen as a threat. And we are influencing the hearts and minds of the world.

Let me unpack and explain it.

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Love and appreciate you all.


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