May 10, 2023 • 16M

Ep. 802 - Donald Trump is a sexual predator, but his supporters truly don't care

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The North Star
A daily podcast from Shaun King, unpacking stories of injustice, racism and corruption, including action steps for meaningful change.
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Why don't they care? Because they are a cult. And he is their cult leaders. Cult leaders are often sexual predators, but their followers just shape their morality and ethics around the abuse of their leader. They dismiss it. They justify it.

Yesterday a jury of Donald Trump's peers found him civilly responsible for the sexual abuse and defamation of one of his many victims. It should absolutely mean the end of his public life. But it won't.

Because America has ALWAYS been willing to look the other way as far as sexual abuse is concerned.

Let me unpack and explain it.

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