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Great broadcast. And of course, I agree—the bloody hypocrisy and the violence must end, but how the hell will the psychologically-driven people ever come to center as independent minds to end all of these conflicts and wars if “We The People” never conscientiously object to being Bot-Pawns? And to do that, we’d have to admit the fraud of the “Left vs. Right” paradigm fight clubs the “agents in the crowd and our government intelligence agencies” trap everyone to. Hear Me Shawn—I just got a paid subscription because I Love you and your work…and to say this: Please start calling out and emphasizing the fraud of mainstream media producers, editors and their owners, as well as all the special interests controlling our elections via PAC monies that continue to corrupt our political process. We, me, you, your family, friends, strangers…everyone are born Naturally-Centered Moderate-Independents (I), not unnatural Democrats and Republicans; a political divide created at the same time the War Banker’s stole our National Currencies for their money-junkie cartels; the Federal Reserve, IMF; World Bank; Central Banks… Powerful, private media conglomerates and government intelligence agents “meeting in secret” have truly abused all science, especially psychology, biochemistry and engineering, and to such an extreme I can only recognize it as pure Fascism, and “their” elected officials and appointees as absolute psychopaths—guilty of Treason, for all Fale Flag events trapping the world to war, like 911, and most recently, the so-called pandemic. The Rockefeller owned media politicians and banks are monsters from Hell on Earth—how they can simply publish a headline “stating a matter of fact” like saying “The Federal Reserve Powell, says…” which then normalizes both the position and private institution, which is anything but normal or legitimate…And the same applies to terms like “pandemic” or “Islamic Terrorism,” repeating it over and over by thousands of professionals…and so the people just accept it as real, rather than realizing it’s a total fraud. Being made to be afraid of government, other countries, corrupt police, our own shadows, each-other and even self has not been an accident, and the FBI, NSA, CIA, MI6, Mossad…their security briefers and lawyers who control all of the richest media platforms and our minds are out of control professional monsters responsible for all of the world’s unrest, not the people and the fraud of over-population. We must begin punishing the Lawyers at the center of all of it, or Humanity is forever doomed.

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