White Student Spits on Black Visitor at African American History Museum in DC

Nicole Rojas
Oct 17, 2019 - 1:15
Student Spits on Black Visitor at African American History Museum in DC

A middle school class trip from Connecticut was promptly removed from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture on October 11 after a student spat on a Black museum patron. Shelton Intermediate School Principal Dina Marks claimed the student's actions were not “racially motivated.” Marks, who was with students during the class trip, said the unnamed male student spat from a balcony and hit a Black patron below, according to BuzzFeed News. In a since-deleted tweet, the principal wrote, “It was an act of stupidity,...

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3 Replies to “White Student Spits on Black Visitor at African American History Museum in DC”

  1. The child spitting on a black patron of the museum was a racist act. This is the third time someone from that school committed a racist act in the African American Museum. That school should be banded from ever coming to the museum. I was at the museum on Oct 11th and l was shocked when l heard about it. I hope the person that was spit on sues the school and the child’s parents maybe that will stop this kind of racist behavior. This one racist child made it bad for the rest of the 100 children because they all were kicked out of the museum. Parents paid for their children’s trip and this racist child committed a racist act that got everybody kicked out. Those parents paid for a trip that their children could not complete. If it were me l would sue that child’s parents. When you first go into the museum there is an announcement about what will not be tolerated and that you will be put out of the museum. The Principal is covering up for these racist students because this is The third time that school has been removed from the museum. She is trying to cover up for the racist students. I say band that school and any other school that commits racist acts in the museum. The museum is very educational and a fabulous place to learn about African American History and instead of learning these racist kids come there to cause problems. They learn this evil at home and bring it into society and spread this evil like cancer and you have a Principal of the school covering it up and making excuses for the child. She is a racist to as far as l am concerned. I feel sorry for the students who were really interested in going through the museum. It takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours to go through the whole museum. I say band that school from entering. It is a shame that you are assaulted in a museum. There were people of all ethnicities there learning about black history and there was no problem until this racist kid showed up. The museum is a very beautiful place to visit. The artifacts are very interesting and it is a real awakening of the sufferings that the slaves went through.

  2. My heart is saddened about the passing of Elijah Cummings. This man was a true American Patriot. He worked for the people not his self. He wanted what was right and he did not bite his tongue. He was what a definition of what a real politican was suppose to do for the people of America and American. He will truly and surely be missed. My condolences to the Cummings Family.

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