White Educator Removed from Teaching Black History Course

Jessica Lipsky
Mar 17, 2019 - 5:00

A white Michigan high school social studies teacher was removed from his class after complaints about his African American history syllabus. While this incident may read like a story about insensitivity and thinly-veiled racism at first glance, it reflects a more complicated perspective of teaching, race, and accountability. Scott Craig has taught social studies for over 30 years in the Birmingham, Michigan area and his elective course on African American history at Groves High School focuses on the eras of enslavement to Civil War,...

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2 Replies to “White Educator Removed from Teaching Black History Course”

  1. I truly understand the position from the parents perspective but I can’t totally support removing a great teacher. Mr. Craig’s course was more than I was taught in my high school which my American History teacher had a similar style. There wasn’t enough time to cover Black History but every chance he got, he worked it in. He tried to teach us post Civil Rights history as well since I was in high school during the H.W Bush years. What that experience did for me was make me want to learn more about our History. My (White) history teacher planted a seed which today still is flourishing. With his teachings/debates and my family’s experiences, my mind was always wanting to learn more. That’s what a great teacher does. Mr. Craig or any teacher can only go so far but WE as Black People can teach our children the better sides of our history as well.

  2. There is no excuse for not consulting the community. Craig is not the expert as he has a very limited view of the Black experience. And for God’s sake I wish people would stop looking to Hollywood for their history. As an expert meaning one who has studied and lived the black experience, I can think of several nonfiction sources one can use to teach the good, the bad, and the ugly of Black History. This is not to say there is nothing to learn from popular culture. The situation demonstrates the white savior syndome. So sick of it!

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