Welcome to the North Star!

Shaun King
Feb 14, 2019 - 4:08

We literally would not be here without you. You built this. I mean that. Your hard-earned money allowed us to purchase and renovate a television studio. It built this website. It’s what we are using to build our iPhone & Android apps. It pays our entire staff. Your contributions have created dozens of new jobs in our economy. And I want you to be proud of that. Last summer, I met with dozens of potential investors and venture capitalists as we considered taking outside funds to build The North Star. Many were interested, but it was clear to me that they also wanted a real say in our content – and we were not willing to trade that type of control for money. When I told one investor that...

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8 Replies to “Welcome to the North Star!”

  1. hopeful; autonomy and the power of telling own’s story can not be separated from freedom, WE are hopeful. can we meet the opposition in the places and with sufficient force as to affect practical + structural change, WE are hopeful. the stakes are high, but WE are hopeful. you know they got manuals and generational experience on how to destroy all this, still WE are hopeful. can we strategize and organize and mobilize and agitate and tear down and build, be the North Star, WE
    are hopeful.

  2. How thrilling to witness a history redux that will now make its own history. It’s breathtaking. History, studied with the mind of a critical thinker, means the difference between a lost world and one that prevails over its own base instincts, moral corruption, and sure destruction. I feel honored to be one of your founding members and grateful to you for taking this on with such passion and conviction. Congratulations!

  3. I am thrilled to be a member of The North Star. Still, though I am excited about The North Star’s reemergence, I am saddened that white supremacy, and extrajudicial executions, and punishments are still things we must fight. That said, let’s give them the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

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