Twitter Trolls Trump’s Promise of ‘Unwavering Support’ for Tornado Victims

Robert Valencia
Mar 6, 2019 - 5:00
Twitter Trolls Trump's Promise of 'Unwavering Support' for Tornado Victims

President Donald Trump has pledged “unwavering support” to rebuild areas in Alabama that were hit by Sunday’s devastating tornado outbreak, which killed at least 24 people. Parts of Florida and Georgia were also affected. “Sending our love and prayers to the people of Alabama. Incredible state, incredible people,” Trump said Monday at a White House lunch gathering with the Football Championship Subdivision champions — the North Dakota State Bison. "We grieve by your side...

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9 Replies to “Twitter Trolls Trump’s Promise of ‘Unwavering Support’ for Tornado Victims”

  1. Thanks for the article, Robert. How far we have fallen from Bush’s reprehensible response to Katrina and the stain it left on him as a human being as well as his administration to the seemingly negligible effect of 45’s absolute failure with Puerto Rico on him and his administration. It is as if he is Teflon, a Teflon kept in place by indifference and greed.

  2. It is saddening to read about the horrible effects of the tornadoes, but we can rest assured that after letting his shoulder recover from a weekend of golf, Trump will be in the front lines tossing paper towels at people that have lost everything

  3. Another promise that I’m afraid may most likely not be fulfilled by this administration. Remember Puerto Rico? They still haven’t received all their FEMA monies and it doesn’t look like they ever will as long as this fake and illegitimate president is in office.
    And as another commenter pointed out, remember how Bush handled Katrina? It’s all a tragedy.

    1. I hope this ugly chapter doesn’t overshadow all the ugly chapters that are exposed so well by a new generation of historians. We got ugly to spare and 45 may not even be the worst after all the ashes are sifted.

  4. Are they too ignorant to know that – they won’t get a freakin’ cent!!! He and his administration have raided disaster funding… oh! wait unless you’re white, christian, or rich!! He’s an inhuman psychopath.

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