Trump’s New Budget Guts Social Welfare Programs

Robert Valencia
Mar 15, 2019 - 5:00
Trump's New Budget Guts Social Welfare Programs

The Trump administration recently unveiled its 2020 budget proposal that includes $8.6 billion for the US-Mexico border wall and a hike in defense spending to $750 billion, a $34 billion increase from 2019. While military members and HIV testing are considered the winners in the new budget, those who depend on social programs and food stamps are not so favored. Trump’s “Budget for a Better America” will not become law, but it does reveal which programs the White House prioritizes. The budget’s plan asks Congress to increase funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement by 16 percent, which would ascribe $8.8 billion for the agency. Likewise, the blueprint requests $140 million for the Centers for Disease...

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4 Replies to “Trump’s New Budget Guts Social Welfare Programs”

  1. Wack. I feel like this is just an election stunt. He has to know this wont pass but it sends yet another message to his dumb white supremacist supporters that he still wants to hurt black people (even if it also hurts poor white people) and intimidate the world with military force. Probably goes without saying for supporters of The North Star but we HAVE to show up in this election.

  2. I am quite concerned about this massive military budget. What is that about? What military action does he have in mind? He sure doesn’t care about Vets.
    The cuts in programs that help the poor and working class are simply despicable.

    1. He’s about to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela. Theyre doing a typical PR campaign about ‘people in need under a dictator who blocks aid to the people. We must help them!’ We need to pay attention to that and rally to put pressure on the government to stop another “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”
      But also it seems like every president wants to increase the military to satisfy military contractors.

  3. Question: If it’s definitely the case that this won’t pass and is likely just an election rallying point, should journalists and media outlets purposefully ignore this story so they don’t give Drumpf more coverage? He’s shown he loves to use negative press to promote himself as the outcast underdog being attacked by a ‘socialist fake news.’ Do journalists have a responsibility to be politically strategic about what stories they cover if publishing content would likely be more destructive than what the content is about?

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