The FBI’s War Against Black Radicals

Yohuru Williams
Mar 3, 2019 - 5:00
The FBI's War Against Black Radicals

Nearly 50 years after it was first exposed, the FBI’s secret counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO, continues to inspire fear and suspicion among African American activists regarding the breadth and limits of federal surveillance. As recently as 2017, many Americans were shocked to learn of an anti-terrorist initiative by the FBI to track what it termed Black identity extremists (BIE), speciously tied to Black Lives Matter protests. For some, the revelations conjured concerns about a revival of the 60’s era program which was applied to Civil Rights and Black Power activists with devastating...

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10 Replies to “The FBI’s War Against Black Radicals”

  1. The publishers of this subscription need to watch it’s back. Now that we get an idea of the divisional tactics the Feds use to segregate black people from furthering it’s agendas, we need to think before we act on any derogatory information. They will try to shut this paper down and we must be ready for them at all costs. By them, I mean the government and all factions thereof.

  2. Do we know what form the COINTELPRO attacks take today? I think in the 70’s it was just physical (beatings, death) in the form of supposed reasons to arrest people I expect it has expanded greatly to many other venues.

  3. This is disgusting and really sad. Makes me think about how we need protection for our black activist. If you’re gonna speak out then you shouldn’t be vulnerable to just getting swooped up.

  4. Cointelpro is just a physical piece of evidence displaying Americas plot to destroy the black nation. Coin tel pro, War on Drugs, Tuskegee Experiment, Southern Strategy, Black Codes, Black Identity Extremist, Code Name Zorro. When there is this much open complicity, who needs conspiracy.

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