Surveillance Video Shows Woman Giving Birth in a Jail Cell With No Assistance

Nicole Rojas
Sep 5, 2019 - 11:30
Surveillance Video Shows Woman Giving Birth in a Jail Cell With No Assistance

A new federal lawsuit claims a Denver woman was forced to give birth alone in a jail cell without the help of on-duty nurses and deputies. Surveillance cameras captured the entire labor and delivery.  Diana Sanchez, now 27, was booked into the Denver County Jail on July 14, 2018 on charges of identity theft after allegedly writing a check using her sister’s account, NBC News reported. Sanchez told jailers that she was eight months pregnant, her lawsuit claimed.

The suit, which was filed on August 28, said that Sanchez gave birth to a son...

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2 Replies to “Surveillance Video Shows Woman Giving Birth in a Jail Cell With No Assistance”

  1. Good lord. This is absolutly horrendous. What vile people could stand by and watch this woman suffer like this??? I hope every one of the sick staff members who contributed to her totally unecessary suffering pays a price for it.

  2. The fact that they had to “change their policies” to allow admittance to a hospital when an inmate is in labor, is in itself mind blowing. Jails are truly hell on Earth – why we have so many imprisoned is outrageous in the first place. I’m so sorry that this happened to her and that her sister turned her in, in the first place. I hope she can get out, move past this somehow, and have a peaceful life with her son.

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