Students from Frederick Douglass’ home of Rochester, N.Y. have a message for Governor Cuomo

Feb 14, 2020 - 7:00
Students from Rochester N.Y

As we celebrate Frederick Douglass on his birthday, we at The North Star thought it would be a good idea to hear from students from Rochester N.Y, his home and final resting place. So here are voices of students from East High School who penned a response to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address last month with their own State of the Students address. 

 Hello my name is Sarah Adams (8th grade)  some of you might recognize me as one of the organizers of the school-wide walkouts, but I’m more than that. I’m a smart and talented scholar. I am also a product of the...

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3 Replies to “Students from Frederick Douglass’ home of Rochester, N.Y. have a message for Governor Cuomo”

  1. These students are powerful, smart, well-informed and assertive about their rights. They – and a whole group of other student leaders – are supported by our community in the work they started and continue to lead. The “State of the Student” project shared in this article was supported by our local NYCLU, in particular Iman Abid and Ashley Gannt. East Lower and High Schools have supported them in all sorts of ways, and Citizen Action NY (Stephanie Vargas, Rosemary Rivera and others) and Alliance for Quality Education (Jasmine Gripper) have invested hours of briefings on education finance and budget process in response to questions from the students. (Disclosure, I am Sarah Adams’ proud mother)

  2. It’s past the time to merely pay lip service to our youth. The best, and simplest, thing that we can all do is require our legislators and district superintendents to truly take into account the diversity of our students and their families. It’s incumbent on all of us to support the ones now who are going to support us later. Discrimination of any sort does not belong in this society, nor in our schools. Our youth deserve safe places to learn and grow, not lock-downs and turning schools into prisons. They deserve better. When our youth are educated and included, everyone benefits. We are better that this. Let’s show them we mean it.

  3. Thank you Sarah Adams for including the details of who has been supporting their work. I reached out to Shaun King in my role as grantee of A Learning Innovator grant from the National Writing Project and the John Legend Show Me campaign in which Sarah and Maya both participate. Publishing our students’ crucial justice work in the North Star on Frederick Douglass’ birthday was truly an exciting moment for our students.

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