SHAUN KING: Stop reducing Black voters to one simple, unanimous group. That’s racist.

Shaun King
Mar 2, 2020 - 12:48

It’s an election year. And so, like clockwork, we are seeing and hearing something that happens every single election year - the offensive reduction of Black voters to a mysterious monolith that looks, thinks, acts, and votes alike. It’s racist. And dumb. 

Let’s just think about white voters for a second. 

It’s widely accepted that white voters in rural Mississippi have a very different set of life experiences than white voters on the upper east side of Manhattan. Yes, they are both white, but they might as well live in two completely different countries. Their income, employment situation, and net worth are likely to be totally different....

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3 Replies to “SHAUN KING: Stop reducing Black voters to one simple, unanimous group. That’s racist.”

  1. I agree with you Shaun, I am a middle aged black woman who grew up in NC and I already voted for Bernie Sanders like I did the first time he ran 4 years ago. I’m not at all impressed with Joe Biden and would only pick him if the choice was between he and Bloomberg. I also recent the fact that the try to group us all together in one little peg whole and no attention is given to us until voting season is upon us.

  2. I also agree with you Shaun and appreciate your truth telling. I am a middle aged white man who grew up in California and still lives here. I also voted for Bernie this year as he is the most honest candidate who promises real change for all, not his rich buddies. Biden, like all white men, has his problems with racism but is running on Obama’s coattails. Bloomberg is unabashedly racist and doesn’t deserve to serve ANY office after his disastrous term as New York’s mayor. If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination this time, (I know the groundswell happening here, especially among the young who, God save them, will lead us to a bright and more sustainable future!), all it means is that the corporate and wealthy kingmakers are too powerful to allow something fair to occur. At least Bernie has brought some amazing issues to the forefront. And that is progress as, I’m sure you agree, we are in it for the long haul. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

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