Sixth Grader stands up by sitting down for Pledge of Allegiance

Jeremy Binckes
Feb 19, 2019 - 5:00
Sixth Grader stands up by sitting down for Pledge of Allegiance

[caption id="attachment_28476" align="aligncenter" width="965"] (Tom DeCicco, Shutterstock.com)[/caption] Former star quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have ended his chapter challenging the National Football League (NFL), but a Florida student reminds us that Kaepernick's calls to recognize racism in the United States have been largely ignored. An 11-year-old Lakeland, Florida boy was arrested and charged with disrupting a school function and resisting arrest without violence,

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One Reply to “Sixth Grader stands up by sitting down for Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. The young man who was kicked out of school should stand proud – because he did what he COULD do. How many of us refuse to do what we CAN, let alone what is appropriate, or risky, or valid? I hope the young man’s family sues the school and gets them to change their policy, and also received damages that total enough that he can be educated in a private school or with a private tutor.
    It’s time that people have to PAY for their misdeeds and racism and bias. That’s the only way things will change – make the pain of not changing (financial, especially) so hurtful that they will change. Kudos to Colin Kaepernick for raising his voice and raising awareness of the cause, and kudos to star athletes like Lebron James for supporting Kaep’s right to protest.

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