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Few understood the toll in which the coronavirus would take on the world when it first hit the news. 


When it was merely a story about some disease in a lesser-known Chinese city, few Americans took note. When stay at home orders were first issued in March and early April, few Americans thought it would last longer than a few weeks. When American icon Tom Hanks was diagnosed with COVID-19, when the NBA canceled their season and when Disney World shut down for the first time since the tragedy of 9/11, Americans truly began treating the virus as it was: a global pandemic. 

In today’s episode, Shaun speaks directly to those in the states that are seeing the number of cases increase, but not the seriousness in which the statistics are being treated and begs them to please switch their mindset.

Ep. 273 - If you live in these states, I am BEGGING you to take the coronavirus seriously