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We have reached a critical point in the movement. 


According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans across racial and ethnic groups, support the Black Lives Matter movement. The increase in support just over the past two weeks is nearly as much as it was in the past two years, and it doesn’t stop there. The study also shows an increase in Americans who believe Black people are more likely to be treated unfairly by law enforcement, an increase in families having race-related discussions and a decrease in support for the police. 


For the first time in decades, Americans can agree on one thing, there is a race problem in this country. 

In today’s episode, Shaun breaks down the grave importance of this new study and what we must do with the limited window of time we have to make lasting revolutionary changes in America.

Ep. 266 - Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement has DOUBLED. Now what?