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What do you believe in? 

How do you see the world and its problems? 

What actions are you taking to make a change? 


These are the questions every abolitionist must ask themselves. In an era driven by social media, it is easy to just regurgitate the headlines we read and hashtags we see, then call them personal beliefs. It is easy to not have an opinion, to go only as far as the first few sentences of a caption before taking its statements as our own. 


But to be an abolitionist, we must go beyond what is easy. We must reflect on what we know to be true, the injustices we witness in the world, and chart our own course on how we can use our power to make a difference. 


In today’s episode, the second of a previously run two-episode series, Shaun breaks down the importance of establishing a personal worldview in order to truly be an abolitionist. 

Ep. 248 - Having an abolitionist worldview