Reparations on the Agenda for Presidential Hopefuls

Jeremy Binckes
Mar 10, 2019 - 10:00
Reparations on the Agenda for Presidential Hopefuls

Even New York Times columnist David Brooks thinks it’s time to consider reparations. In a column published Thursday night, Brooks said that some form of payments to descendants of enslaved people is necessary to heal the “sin” of slavery and the periods of racial injustice that followed. “One way to capture it is to say that the other divides are born out of separation and inequality, but the racial divide is born out of sin,” he wrote. “We don’t talk...

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3 Replies to “Reparations on the Agenda for Presidential Hopefuls”

  1. Great article! I think now is as good a time as any to have the conversation on what this means and how do we implement. It’s long overdue to enable economic justice for those who are descendents of slaves in America. Specific policy plans and clear messaging on this topic will be as important as ever in a time where a lot of false information flies around the world in the matter of seconds.

  2. To start, I’m pro-reparations.
    We’re keenly aware, however, that the entire United States’ economic system is intrinsically and inextricably linked to economic exploitation of people of the African Diaspora. How does one correct for centuries of unpaid labor, separate and unequal conditions, denied opportunity in the workplace, the marketplace, and in home ownership? And in correcting for this, how does one assuage the fear that backpay looks like handouts?
    Rather than taking the position that, “it’s too tough, we can’t figure it out,” I tend to take the position that we need to think way outside of the box.
    Interest-free loans, debt forgiveness, UBI, many of usual suspects for economic justice can also be used as tools in correcting for the legacy of racial injustice.
    That said, one way to even the playing field is to reboot the economy from scratch, with new paradigms that aren’t reliant on property-ownership or any pre-existing wealth.

  3. A wonderful start to see that reparations are on some agendas.. however, in order for us to reach a realistic and feasible solution and begin to implement, it needs to be part of every political candidates discussions and platforms! These are baby steps that are long overdue!

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