Rapper, Community Advocate Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA

Stephen G. Hall
Apr 1, 2019 - 5:44
Rapper, Community Advocate Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA

The death of Ermias Davidson Asghedom, a.k.a. Nipsey Hussle, has stunned the hip-hop world. Praised for his positive messages and interest in community empowerment, Hussle was gunned down on March 31 in South Los Angeles. He was 33. Hussle was reportedly murdered in front of Marathon Clothing, a business he owned at the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Hustle was pronounced...

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6 Replies to “Rapper, Community Advocate Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead in LA”

  1. His work was noble and his death won’t be in vain. There’s little talk of his plan to release a documentary on Dr. Sebi. I’d be interested to read facts that may support a potential murder and cover-up if in fact there is correlation. Anything on this topic shows up as “conspiracy theory” in media searches, which lends it to be discredited, but what if there is merit here?

  2. My sentiments echo so many others. The chasm that has been left by Nipsey’s passing is going to need a whole lot of community involvement. He started a task that only we can finish collectively. Nipsey said to ride for him, let’s do that then!

  3. What a waste. What a loss. But should we be surprised? NO.
    His leadership in bringing peace, businesses, and local employment are not things that the establishment wants nor do the gangs in the area.
    His efforts and that of others bring independence and power to local people. That takes it away from those who want only their power and ability to exersice it.

  4. Unfortunately, your response is too accurate. His leadership and philanthropy threatened the white establishment. Add leadership and peacekeeping to “dangerous to do while Black” list. So sick of of this.

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