R. Kelly Faces 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse

Jessica Lipsky
Feb 25, 2019 - 5:00
R. Kelly Faces 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse

Singer-producer Robert Kelly spent the weekend in jail following charges of sexually abusing four women. R. Kelly turned himself into Chicago Police on February 22 and his bail was set at $1 million – $250,000 per alleged victim – though the singer was unable to post his $100,000 bond in the wake of mounting financial issues. Kelly was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims between 1998 and 2010. The indictment identifies Kelly’s...

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2 Replies to “R. Kelly Faces 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse”

  1. Can someone do a story on the hyprocrisy in play with respect to how black entertainers are more vigorously pursued. Not defending R Kelly, if he did the things that he is accused of then he should face the consequences. I just think it is no secret that artist across all genres and of all races engage in similar behavior. Why are black artists suddenly being ” brought to justice” but not others?

  2. I’d always been more than little concerned about the alleged accusations of sexual abuse and pedophilia against R. Kelly, that led to his 2002 indictment and subsequent acquittal. I believed that the fact that he had been found not guilty in 2008, did not necessarily mean that he was innocent of all charges especially when the alleged victim(s) refused to testify. It’s on public record that he married a minor when he was in his twenties and that that union was annulled. What I don’t know is whether the alleged victim’s accusations were taken seriously by authorities or not. It’s clear to me that their accusations weren’t taken seriously by many in the black community, who today still happily attend R. Kelly concerts and buy his music. But then black women are not loved, respected and revered nearly as much as they should be. That hypocrisy is hard to understand especially when we expect others to listen to us, but we don’t listen to each other. I believe if you have been accused of crimes in which there is credible evidence, you have a right to due process where you may or may not be held accountable, regardless of your ethnicity, celebrity, or economic worth. How many in the black community would have the exact opinion about R. Kelly if the only difference was that he was white? We can fight for equality in the world when equality amongst ourselves is lacking.

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