Sumatra Lintong Aek Nauli

Earthy and rustic, flavors reminiscent of rhubarb and citrus are the biggest flavors up front, making for an intriguing mixture of sharp acidic notes balancing against the heavy body of the cup. As the flavor progresses, cocoa nib flavor breaks through and lingers for a while. The acidity is fairly mild throughout, but the earthy bitterness of the rhubarb at the front and the sweet bitterness of the cocoa nibs at the back make this a rich, rustic coffee that should do well on drip or as a press pot/french press. Those methods will highlight the darker, heavier notes and bring out the sweetness of the coffee. Distilled, the big ideas within what is really a complex flavor profile are rhubarb, citrus, and cocoa nibs.

Origin Lontong, Sumatra
Processing Wet-hulled
Varietal Various
$ 12.95