Guatemala Huehuetenango El Paraiso

El Paraiso is a light-bodied cup with clear, bright acidity that can be best described as juicy, an effect of the acidity similar to a green apple or pear that causes the mouth to water slightly. As the coffee cools in the cup, that bright acidity will sweeten and almost sour in just the way that a green apple does. The finish is crisp and clean, making this a more refreshing cup than the lingering Lintong. El Paraiso will be a versatile coffee that can be used for drip or either style of slow bar method. A press pot will nullify some of the brightness by thickening the body and emphasizing the chocolate notes that hide at the end of the cup, while a pour over will elevate the delicate acidity and highlight the sweetness associated with green apple. The big ideas here are green apple, pear, and light, chocolatey sweetness on the very end.

Origin Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Processing Wet process
Varietal Bourbon; Caturra; Typica
$ 12.95