Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Outlines His Agenda for Black Americans

Nicole Rojas
Apr 11, 2019 - 5:00

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is attempting to make a name for himself among a crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls. On April 4, he joined several fellow Democrats at the National Action Network’s annual conference.   The 37-year-old married, gay mayor spoke about his agenda for Black Americans, NPR reported, and vowed to sign a bill that would launch a study of

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9 Replies to “Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Outlines His Agenda for Black Americans”

  1. His words are admirable. I’m skeptical that he can get anything done. Launching a study has been historically a smoke screen to make it appear as something is being done. Let’s be transparent – a gay man (I am not homophobic) fighting for black people’s access to the things that create wealth will be an uphill battle against a white male dominated Congress. Governing a city is different than governing a nation. Getting buy-in will be much tougher. At best he will till the ground for the next one to fight.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. He’s easy to like for this white, liberal, comfortable woman, but I find myself asking, ‘what about POC?’ I don’t see a lot of evidence that he has enough of the values I’m looking for. I do think, though, that even beginning to ‘study’ or ‘look at’ reparations is an important start; we can’t make them possible until we acknowledge that we need them.

    2. After Watching Henry Gates special on PBS about reconstruction I think we don’t need a study this country owes us in so many ways its unbelievable. My position on reparations Is black people should not have to pay any federal taxes for a century yes that means 100 years…..

      1. Interesting idea, and one that could work. There will be fights over the appropriate length of time (for the record, I support a good long time, why not a century to catch up?) but freeing descendants of slaves from income taxes would be a good way to start righting the injustices that have prevented Black people from economic parity. Creative.

  2. Im happy to see someone in his position make this Play but witnessing what it takes to get things signed off on with regards to the Dems and Repubs has been difficult. Will he be able to accomplish this is more so my thoughts, if it is possible I’m with him but seeing how they blocked Obama at every turn sheds a bigger light on the horrendous acts that take place within our Presidential power.

  3. Agree completely with what others have already stated, and would like to emphasize that Buttigieg’s entire political MO is saying things that sound good and being super evasive on policy, especially any policy that might actually confront or even question the existing power structures. He’s the consummate neo-liberal all about style and polling and change only when it doesn’t make the powerful uncomfortable .

  4. Please stop referring to him as a gay candidate.Refer to him as a proven mayor and an intelligent and educated man. He is articulate, religious, and proven, all the things this present president is not.So his gayness should be dismissed unless he brings it up.He would be such an amazing contrast to the liar in the White House now.

  5. The first repatriation needed is to make people of color seen throughout society, both currently and historically.
    America has done and is still doing a master job of making POC invisible.

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