"No-Knock Warrants" and the Destruction of Civil Liberties

Emma McGowan
Mar 20, 2019 - 5:00
"No-Knock Warrants" and the Destruction of Civil Liberties

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch, watching TV, unwinding after a long day. Maybe you have your beverage of choice or some snacks. Then, suddenly, your front door bursts open and a group of people in black masks holding guns pour into your house. They’re yelling, and stomping and those guns are pointed directly at you. What’s happening? And what do you do? What’s happening is the execution of a “no-knock warrant,” a special type of search warrant that allows law enforcement to enter a property without giving any prior warning. Instead of knocking and yelling “Police!” before busting down a door, the police just break in. American law is based loosely on...

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3 Replies to “"No-Knock Warrants" and the Destruction of Civil Liberties”

  1. A ” no-knock” warrant is a tool that should have a warning label that states “May get you and others killed in a hurry.” We live in an unjust system that system allows violence to be used on non-white people to the full extent of the law and then some. There are many actions by the state that are unjust by their rules, but nothing is done to correct the action until it impacts the lives of too many whites. For example the criminalization of drug addiction when it was mostly non-whites incarcerated, and the resent decriminalization of drug offenses now that opioid abuses has rampaged the white community. Unjust, but legal all the same.

    1. This happened to me . They were after my landlords workers who were fixing up the apartment above me . They burst into my apartment after I’d gotten out of the shower . I’m standing there naked with a tooth brush in my mouth , surrounded by at least 8 guns at my head , screaming for me to get down . They asked if I sold Heroine, Crack , Cocaine or Marijuana. I told them “ No “ ! They asked if I used any of the mentioned drugs , I told them “ No “ ! They proceeded to tear my apartment up . They asked me where was the 30 year old Black male ? I told them that there was no 30 year old Black male . I told them that my husband was 57 years of age , never been arrested and that he works for our cities hockey organization . They found 3 pills on my dresser , an ibuprofen, an Excedrine Migraine tablet and a Valium 2mg . They then found my mothers 2 year old empty medication bottle and told me that I was under arrest because, I had no business with my moms medication bottle . I was charged with Open Container because I wasn’t allowed to have open pills on my dresser . They found an old tee shirt and draped it over me . They made me sit next to the drug Canine until they figured it out . They told me that they would uncuff me and Recuff me when we got outside . It was 84 degrees and all of my neighbors were out . My husband came home and was cuffed too . We spent the spent the night in jail . The following morning , I was placed on Probation and sent to Drug Counseling . My husband had a $20,000 bail . We got him out a Day later . We went to court , Drug counseling and probation for 7 months . The charges were dismissed. During the that time they found who they were looking for but never told us . It was a young man who worked for the Landlord that we Never Knew ! We lost our apartment , our furniture was badly damaged , we had to pay attorneys fees for 7 months and we tried to speak to attorneys to see what we could do about it and No One would even Look at our case .

  2. I also need to clarify that neither the attorney that we paid for 7 months nor the prosecutor would ever give us paper work pertaining to our case . It’s been over a year and we still ask but no one will give us information on how to go about retrieving it . We’ve been told that the case is over and that we don’t need to know all the details and that we don’t need the paper work or information that led them to our false arrest . We were told to consider ourselves lucky and to be happy that the charges were dismissed, it had nothing to do with us and that they have the person ( stranger to us ) in custody.

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