Masking Whiteness through Anti-Identity Politics

Chris Lebron
Mar 1, 2019 - 5:00

It seems that many white people in America are in a terrible bind: either they know not what they are, or they are terrible liars. Donald Trump’s electoral college win in 2016 meant an intensification of America’s culture wars, but Sarah Palin probably deserves credit for their return from the ‘90s. The one-time vice presidential candidate (and later presidential hopeful) staked her political career on resentment of cosmopolitan, educated elites. Surely, to her great consternation, it was a cosmopolitan, educated elite who snatched...

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One Reply to “Masking Whiteness through Anti-Identity Politics”

  1. I am currently reading Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean, and this article made me immediately think about the book. It puts modern anti-identity politics (and neoliberalism in general) in such a larger perspective- traced through 1950s think tanks, made larger by the entrance of the Kochs and Cato institute in the 70s, and finally popularized and realized in the Tea Party and modern Republican party. The book could do a better job at bringing their racist foundations more to the forefront in the narrative. But, for me at least, it has really connected so many dots about topics raised in this article, and how far back the roots really reach.

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