Malcolm X’s Message for Today's Activists

Stephen G. Hall
Apr 4, 2019 - 5:00

Malcolm X’s life was powerfully captured in Ossie Davis’ 1965 eulogy. It humanized the great leader and emphasized the meaning and significance of Malcolm’s work for contemporary times. In death, as in life, Malcolm X was a complex historical figure. He was our “Black shining Prince,” firmly situated in the milieu of the 1950s and 1960s, but relevant to generations unborn. A fiery Black nationalist leader, Malcolm X moved seamlessly from a life as a pimp, hustler, and drug dealer to a minister, leader, activist, Pan Africanist, and humanist. This transformational aspect of...

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5 Replies to “Malcolm X’s Message for Today's Activists”

  1. What a pleasure to read. As a white person (or a person of no color), when I speak of Malcom X in glowing terms, to other whites they cringe. He hated whites, he was a muslim, he was a terrorist. Only in they eyes of whites. We should go back and listen to who he really was.

  2. As a history teacher I have always loved analyzing in depth the many different activists and leaders of the civil rights movement. I’ve always loved Malcolm X the most simply because of his straight-forward don’t beat around the bush attitude. I always get cringing looks from my white students and they can’t figure out my deep love and respect for Malcolm X even though I’m white. Of all his speeches I really love exposing my kids to his “Ballot or the Bullet” speech because he really hits home his overall message well in that particular speech. I wish more white people can understand and respect him as much as I do.

  3. I’ve always hoped that Malcolm X’s story of repurposing his life would teach Americans who are filled with hate how to rise above it and to unite in order to promote positive change. This will result in a movement to oppose evil. We need positivity, unity and equality to stop the downward spiral to which our country is committed.

  4. As a Black man who is neither Democrat or Republican, you can’t embrace Malcolm X and the Democrat platform (IMO). Check youtube on his talk about white liberalism.

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