Making Black Lives Matter in America’s History Curriculum

Niara Savage
Apr 15, 2019 - 5:00
Making Black Lives Matter in America’s History Curriculum

History is an essential component of the American educational system. In primary and secondary school, it is the basis for understanding civics and the development of a democratic society. It is not uncommon, however, for lessons about African Americans and people of color to be distorted or incomplete. By doing so, the curriculum marginalizes Black lives. Finding ways to overcome these distortions and...

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3 Replies to “Making Black Lives Matter in America’s History Curriculum”

  1. Wonderful, passionate truth. I am currently working In the public school system amd a witness to this . I constantly make my colligues aware of our history before slavery. This Is crucial. We must get this Into legislation. It behooves us all to do so. Tang

  2. I appreciate this article, so timely in my life as a I am searching for a civics curriculum for our 8th grader next year… I am looking forward to starting with the Young Peoples History of the United States and am always looking for more good resources for our homeschool. The Zinn Education Project has helpful resouces for different ages. http://www.zinnedproject.org

    1. I too appreciated this article. Congratulation on choosing the homeschool journey for your child. I personally would not have self-educated myself to see outside the Public School System education box I was raised in without choosing Homeschool for my son. I truly believe I would not have found The North Star had I not Homeschooled. Thank you for sharing the http://www.zinnedproject.org link.
      I look forward to adding it to my son’s curriculum.

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