Lead Poisoning: Biological Warfare and Environmental Racism

Niara Savage
Mar 27, 2019 - 5:00
Lead Poisoning: Biological Warfare and Environmental Racism

“We shoot them full of holes and fill ‘em full of lead.” This iconic quote from Stanley Kubrick’ 1987 film Full Metal Jacket is eerily applicable to the lives of countless low income families across the United States. However, no firearms are necessary to carry out this silent, slow-moving massacre.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that this lethal weapon is unsafe even at the lowest levels, and it makes its way into your body by...

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4 Replies to “Lead Poisoning: Biological Warfare and Environmental Racism”

  1. I hope you continue to discuss Environmental Racism and make it a series because while I enjoy the concise summary of this article, there are so much more I can discuss regarding lead poisoning regarding environmental racism. You know that we can pinpoint on a isotopic level to see the impacts of lead poisoning using an Mass Spectrometer? I, sadly, interpret high concentration of lead in one’s body as a marker for poverty because of this exact reason.
    I wish you would write more about the current legislation for Environmental Justice, like the Environmental Justice Act that was introduced by Cory Booker in 2017. Or about how Trump administration has single-handedly dismantle a lot of the environmental laws that are already in place. Also mentioning how the vagueness of these environmental laws leaves interpretations for how to enforce these laws (which can be easily exploited). Or a brief history of environmental laws in general. Maybe I’m biased because this is what I do for a living and it’s my passion but regardless of whether there are more environmental racism article or not. I’m excited to see what you will write next. This is wonderful, glad I’m subscribed. 🙂

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