Episode 19 – Should incarcerated people be allowed to vote?

Apr 26, 2019 - 1:29

Transcript, Web links and Credits below.   Transcript: Hey Everybody. It’s Friday, April 26th, and today I am going to break down something that we should all be embarrassed to have to still defend in 2019 — I’m talking about voting rights. So many people have given so much for our right to vote, but it’s all still so fragile. Should incarcerated people be allowed to vote? How about formerly incarcerated people? What if they committed violent crimes? Should you be allowed to vote if you are in jail but haven’t been convicted yet? Aren’t you innocent until proven guilty? Where did all of these laws come from? And do we...

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One Reply to “Episode 19 – Should incarcerated people be allowed to vote?”

  1. Great Podcast, my thoughts:
    Considering our country is built on democracy, and that the population’s decisions control every other part of our society. The right to vote should not be restricted or taken away from anyone because voting is what regulates everything. We would place way too much power in the people who decide what is okay and not okay for voting rights, our justice system is incapable of handling anything on a case by case bases, it is much easier to grant the right across the board and move on. For example, the only way to erode the first and second amendment, constitution or bill of right, would be through voting officials in the office to do so, voting supersedes it all.
    PS. Could you please have some guest on the show like Killer Mike, Marc Lamont Hill and so on.

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