Inhumane Migrant Holding Pen Closed After Complaints from Civil Rights Groups

Robert Valencia
Apr 5, 2019 - 5:00
Inhumane Migrant Holding Pen Closed After Complaints from Civil Rights Groups

Hundreds of migrants were held in temporary fencing underneath a Texas international bridge that connects El Paso with Ciudad Juarez. Following escalating media coverage and backlash from Civil Rights groups, the Trump administration shut down the outdoor enclosure, which the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called “an extreme and unprecedented assault on [migrants’] basic human rights.” Several immigrants experienced harrowing conditions, including diseases and children being bruised due to the rugged, dirt ground they slept on. “They treated us like we are animals. They call us bodies,” a 31-year-old Honduran man who spent...

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4 Replies to “Inhumane Migrant Holding Pen Closed After Complaints from Civil Rights Groups”

  1. This is appalling and thank you bringing these horrendous crimes to light. I’ll continue to support the ACLU in these fights to bring these shameful camps to a close.

  2. This makes my blood boil and my heart shatter….that this cruel and inhumane treatment is happening today with no end in sight, that history is repeating itself, that so many have lost sight of the bigger picture or simply just don’t care or don’t know what to do.

  3. Where are all of the Evangilical Christians that voted for trump? How can they call themselves Christians and allow these astrocities to continue in plain view!

  4. The United States has such a long history of committing egregious inhumanities. Japanese internment, turning away Jews at the ports during the Holocaust, the Muslim ban, and so many more things it’s just too numerous to count. The Book Confessions of an Economic Hitman lays out just exactly how we systematically colonized Central and South America. Without taking political control we helped install dictators, got countries into massive debt to us and made them dependent on foreign aid while taking from their country the natural resources we needed. The migrants aren’t leaving en masse for no reason. A small portion of them are people who have family or have lived in the US and were deported under this current administration. And now they and their families are dieing needlessly and being separated to their detriment. The affects of this will be seen long after, just like we are still dealing with the after affects of slavery. Some places are STILL not desegregated! When are we gonna stop feeding the machine and do something about it? When are we gonna say that our own livelihood isn’t as important as people’s lives?

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