Historically Black Colleges and Universities Provide Hope for the Future

Stephen G. Hall
Mar 5, 2019 - 5:00
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Provide Hope for the Future

Stories of doom and gloom have dominated headlines recently around discussions of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Within the past year, we have witnessed the closing of Concordia College — a HBCU in Selma, Ala. founded in 1922 — disagreements about how cash payouts from the Ayers settlement should be used, and academic struggles related to the maintenance...

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3 Replies to “Historically Black Colleges and Universities Provide Hope for the Future”

  1. Each year, Xavier University of Louisiana, with 3,000 students, graduates more Black students who attend and graduate from medical school, than any other institution in the country, including large state schools and the Ivies.

  2. Maybe this was not a good time for me to read this article. My son enrolled at Xavier University in New Orleans, with the intent on majoring in Biology and Bioengineering by way of Xavier’s 3+2 plan. You see, Xavier does not have a full engineering department so engineering students must, after their junior year, enroll in other institutions that agree to partner with Xavier. In my sons’s case, he transferred to University of California San Diego to finish the Bioengineering degree based on the understanding that his credits from Xavier would be accepted. Well here we are 3/4ths of the way through my son’s 4th year in school and now UCSD is telling my son, that they will basically not accept any of his credits from Xavier and he must complete 3 more years to earn his Bioengineering degree from UCSD. And to add insult to injury, Xavier has informed my son that they will now not accept what he has done at UCSD towards his Biology degree and that he would have to complete another year at Xavier.
    WHAT. THE. F**K? This kind of bullshit that happens because most HBCUs cannot decide whether to be all-inclusive points of access to college, or be bona fide research institutions. Unfortunately, you cannot do both. Let me rephrase that — you cannot do both without a really large endownent, which most HBCUs don’t have. So while the heartwarming story of HBCUs continuing to be a beacon of inclusion and diversity in our very polarized society, Let me just say as a parent, CAVEAT EMPTOR! If your student is pursuing a degree and the HBCU offers a COMPLETE degree program in that discipline, you may very well be alright, but realize also that most HBCUs are not as highly regarded when it comes to admitting students into graduate programs (there’s that access for all vs. research institution conundrum again). Do I sound like a parent who’s pissed off because I think my son got a raw deal? Damn right. My boy is carrying a 3.9 GPA for 4 years, has done 2 research internships and 1 paid internship, yet he’s being jerked around primarily because of janky program management by whoever the F is in charge of the 3+2 program at Xavier. Again I say, as a parent, if you’re considering sending your kid and your money to an HBCU, CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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