Dallas Drops Felony Charge Against Black Woman Attacked By White Man

Robert Valencia
Apr 5, 2019 - 5:00
Dallas Drops Felony Charge Against Black Woman Attacked By White Man

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot dismissed a felony charge against a Black woman who was allegedly assaulted by a man in parking lot on March 21, according to county officials.  On Tuesday, the Dallas Police Department issued a criminal warrant for L'Daijohnique Lee for damages caused to Austin Shuffield’s truck following an alleged assault against Lee, which was caught on camera. There was more than $2,500 in damage to the vehicle, which is considered a felony.    The warrant was also recalled, local press indicated. The video showed Shuffield screaming at Lee when she blocked his truck at a Deep Ellum parking...

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6 Replies to “Dallas Drops Felony Charge Against Black Woman Attacked By White Man”

  1. It’s incredible that they charged Ms. Lee to begin with…but God don’t like ugly! I pray she continues to heal physically and mentally. Our justice system is so trash. And thank you, Lee Merritt, for continuing to fight the good fight ✊?

  2. This is what systemic racism looks like. This sort of disproportionate enforcement of law between Black folks and white folks is extremely common. It starts in pre-school with Black boys being expelled at alarming rates. It continues in grade school with children of color being excluded from the education due to disciplinary actions, access to rigorous curriculum, or placement in special education. And it just continues in life with a Black woman who is savagely assaulted by a white man being charged with a felony (right out of the gate) and a warrant issued for her arrest; while the assailant initially got a slap on the hand and RELEASED before more serious charges were filed and he was allowed to turn himself in. SHAMEFUL, yet not surprising or uncommon. PAY ATTENTION.

  3. Systemic oppression is exactly when people who are just ‘going by the book’ charge someone who does violence against a person with a misdemeanor and a person who does retribution against an inanimate object with a felony. Capitalism and racism go hand in hand.

  4. We need to PAY ATTENTION …SYSTEMATIC RACISM! Wasn’t he the aggressor? Were there any charges put on him for assault, terroristic threats, or anything else he did? No, but a felony put a felony on the victim; which will follow her. Prevent her from gainful employment, equal housing and various other needs to survive.

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