Confronting Racism at a Long Island Middle School

Jessica Lipsky
Feb 17, 2019 - 5:00
Confronting Racism at a Long Island Middle School

The community of Roosevelt, Long Island is demanding action in the wake of a much-publicized incident of racism at Roosevelt Middle School. Images of a collage hanging inside the middle school classroom with two nooses below the words “back to school necklaces” were shared on social media, drawing outrage from the community. It resulted in the paid suspension of three staff members. Forty-five percent of students at the Nassau County middle school are Black, and...

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5 Replies to “Confronting Racism at a Long Island Middle School”

  1. How awful of these teachers to have a laugh at the message they are subconsciously teaching these children. Glad to see an article targeting Long Island specifically. Robert Moses was the “master builder” of public works in New York from the 1920s to the 1970s and had social-class bias and racial prejudice when designing the city. Overpasses were built specifically to discourage the use of public transit by low- income minorities and allow for automobile owning whites to live comfortably and preserve Jones Beach as a white middle to upper-class experience, going as far as vetoing a proposal that would have extended the Long Island Railroad to Jones Beach.

  2. As someone who grew up on Long Island and was pretty much the only black girl in my entire class in middle school and freshman year (before transferring to a private catholic school), I can confirm that the education I received surrounding slavery and the African American community was not thorough at all. We went over the required chapters in the textbooks, but got a pretty white washed version of it all. It wasn’t until I turned 29 did I start properly educating myself on my own history. The school system definitely failed me in that regard.

  3. “I think they should lose their jobs and I don’t think they should teach Black students,” – Actually, they don’t need to be teaching at all because that is what racism is – TAUGHT. Get rid of those people swiftly and make it so they never teach again.

  4. it’s beyond disappointing that a teacher could get through college/training/etc and use that platform to share violent and racist messages with her students. paid leave is not much of a punishment, in my opinion. those responsible need to be held accountable and barred from teaching.

  5. I agree those teachers should never teach children of any color, ESPECIALLY white ones! They would only transfer their hate to a new generation of white supremacists.

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